All kinds of trial. No errors.

With Astroglide personal lubricants, pleasure has a whole new feel. Check out our long lasting lube, Astroglide X, for whatever gets you going.

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All kinds of trial. <span> No errors. </span>

Ignite passion.

All new Astroglide Spark™ hybrid personal lubricant blends naturally smooth water-based lube with long-lasting silicone in a silky cream that’s perfect for anything – and everything – that sparks your imagination.

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Ignite <span>passion.</span>

Smooth the road to parenthood.

Smooth the road to parenthood.

Astroglide TTC® (Trying to Conceive) is a sperm-friendly personal lubricant designed to help support fertility.

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Just how you like it.

A little bit of lube goes a long way. Discover which one is right for your kind of sexy.

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Get down wherever you like to get wet.

From the shower to the pool, or wherever things heat up, our unique, waterproof blend of long-lasting silicone and luxurious coconut oil will leave you feeling silky smooth.

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Get down wherever you like to get wet.

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Reasons to
love lube

Once you discover the best lube for your desires, you’ll open the door to a new world of pleasure. Brush up on everything there is to know—and set the stage for greater satisfaction.

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What Kind of Lube
Should I Use?

From Astroglide’s top-selling water-based lube, to waterproof silicone, to exhilarating warming liquid, find the types of lube that meet your needs.

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The Benefits of
Astroglide Lubricant

Moisturizing, long-lasting and never sticky, Astroglide personal lubricants are formulated to help you take your sex life to the next level.

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