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Begin your story with Astroglide personal lubricants and ensure a happy ending.

See Long-Lasting Satisfaction For Yourself

See Long-Lasting Satisfaction For Yourself

Astroglide lubricants are safe, high-quality and super slick. See for yourself.

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Slip into Luxury with Diamond Silicone Gel

Slip into Luxury with Diamond Silicone Gel

A unique blend of high-quality silicone and refined coconut oil for a revolutionary no-drip formula that’s waterproof, long-lasting and leaves you feeling silky smooth.

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Reasons to love lube

Whether it fulfills your needs or desires, personal lubricant isn’t an indication of your arousal level. Making lubricant a part of your sexual experience sets the stage for sustained intimacy and greater satisfaction.

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From Astroglide’s top-selling water-based lube and waterproof silicone to exhilarating warming liquid, find the best products that fit your needs and desires.

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The benefits of Astroglide lubricant

Astroglide’s trade secret formula is soothing,
moisturizing, long-lasting and never sticky.

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