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Dr. Angela

Astroglide's Sexual Health Advisor

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Dr. Angela

Wife, mother, Midwesterner, and award-winning OB/GYN, Dr. Angela of is equal parts best girlfriend and bold professional, supporting women’s health with innovative approaches to care and heavy doses of humor. Dr. Angela has done more than launch a successful practice, she has defined herself as a voice for a new generation of womanhood, established her Ask Dr. Angela brand committed to authenticity, and built a community rooted in trust, candor, and compassion.


Dr. Jess

Astroglide's Resident Sexologist

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Dr. Jess

With a background in sex education training programs, sexual diversity and equity, Dr. Jess O’Reilly (PhD) has become the go-to sexpert. Our resident sexologist shares valuable health and relationship advice as the host of Playboy TV’s SWING, through public speaking events like TEDx Talks and in her best-selling books including The New Sex Bible: The New Guide to Sexual Love.
To learn more, visit and check the Astroglide blog monthly for her exclusive features.


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  • The Pocket +

    The Pocket

    One of the most versatile finger and tongue tricks designed to make her toes curl as you stroke the legs and bulbs of her clitoris. 

    • Start by lying at her side at hip height. 
    • Put a few drops of lube on all five fingers and place your palm flat against her Venus Mound. 
    • Bend your fingers down to press against the full width and length of her vulva so that you’re cupping it in your hand.
    • Slowly slide your fingers up and down increasing your speed as her arousal builds.

  • Cross My Fingers +

    Cross My Fingers

    The perfect technique to get her all riled up by stimulating her orgasmic platform, which includes the opening and outer third of her vagina.

    • Cross your index and middle fingers and slather them in lube.
    • Insert your crossed fingers with your palm facing down and rotate as you slide in and out.
    • Use her hip movements and breath rate as cues to find the perfect rhythm. 


  • The Sensual W +

    The Sensual W

    A simple warm-up move will get her juices flowing and increase blood flow to her hot spots. Since you’ll be stimulating her clitoris as you stroke, don’t be surprised if your sexy warm-up quickly turns into some full-fledged hip thrusting and deep moaning on her part.

    • Apply a generous amount of lube to one hand.
    • Place your wet palm against her vulva and form a W with all five fingers (keeping your thumb together with your index finger and your pinky together with your ring finger). 
    • Slowly slide “The W” downward as your squeeze your fingers together. Your middle finger can press down against her clitoris while the outer edges of the “W” gently squeeze her inner labia. 
    • Slide back up over her vulva and re-open your fingers to re-form the “W” as you approach the top again. 


    If you find that your “W” looks more like the letter “V” or a greeting from a popular space exploration show, fear not. She won’t know the difference! There is no right or wrong way to use these techniques — experiment, make changes and feel to rename them as you see fit.


  • The Cross My Heart +

    The Cross My Heart

    The technique can promote circulation, encourage lubrication and improve sexual response. But who cares about the health benefits, when it feels so darn good?

    • Press both thumbs (covered in lube) against the head of her clitoris at the top of her vulva.
    • Slowly trace your thumbs in a heart-shape around her vulva paying extra attention to the sensitive fourchette (the notch where her lips connect at the bottom).
    • When you reach the bottom, bring both thumbs back up the center to reach the top and repeat.


  • The Nose Job +

    The Nose Job

    Designed with both pleasure and intimacy in mind. Not only does the tip of your nose have a unique texture (go ahead and touch it very gently with your index finger), but the nose is an erogenous zone for many people. In fact, its inner lining can swell during sexual arousal just like the genitals and breasts. 

    • Put a drop or two of lube on the tip of your nose and gently run it between her lips.
    • Press it gently against the head of her clitoris or nod you head back and forth as you breathe deeply.
    • Use your hands to open up her labia and slide your lubed-up nose right inside of her as you tell her just how much you love it!


  • Two Tongues +

    Two Tongues

    Your lips and tongue can work wonders in the bedroom, but you have ten titillating fingers that can do so much more with the right amount of pressure and lube! Not only are your fingers more agile than your tongue, but they can be used to weave a sexy fantasy and reignite the spark:

    • Warm up your hands and place a few drops of lube to your fingertips.
    • Use your index and middle finger to “lick” all around his shaft alternating slow winding motions with quick short lines. 
    • Add another hand (index and middle finger or one big flat palm) to simulate two tongues.
    • As you “lick” away with your hands, tell him how good it feels and ask him if he’d like to have two lovers licking him into a frenzy.

    Playing with fantasies about threesomes or group sex can be unbelievable hot! This is a top sex fantasy for both men and women and many monogamous couples talk about these scenarios with no intention of living them out. However, it is important to talk to your partner about boundaries beforehand to make sure they’re comfortable with this type of erotic talk. Debriefing and offering reassurance (e.g. “In real life, you’re all I want! It’s just fun to fantasize and talk about threesomes”) is also essential to a happy relationship and sex life. 

    On the other hand, if you’re up for acting out threesomes and group sex, that’s perfectly okay too! You will, however, need to put considerable time and energy into preparing for your first experience to ensure that it is safe and pleasurable. 

  • The Firestarter +

    The Firestarter

    The perfect move to warm him up and give him a taste of what’s to come.

    • Cover your hands in lube and rub them together to create some heat.
    • Gently roll his shaft between your hands as though you’re warming him between your palms. 
    • Lick your lips and breathe warm air over his head to tease him into a frenzy.


  • The Goddess +

    The Goddess

    Thanks to the magic and special effects of porn, deep throating has been elevated to a level of fame and reverence beyond its true merits. Though deep pressure, suction and stroking are certainly desirable, they’re not the end-all be-all of a good blowjob. After all, your hands not only offer a tighter grip and greater flexibility, but with the right amount of lube and perfected technique, they should feel wetter and better than your mouth alone.

    • Warm your hands up in advance so that they reach a temperature similar to that of your mouth.
    • Interlace your fingers as you clasp both hands together and slather them in lube.
    • Attach your interlaced hands to your mouth so that they become one fluid unit.
    • Breathe heavily so that it feels as though you’re approaching him with your warm, wet mouth and slide your hands and mouth over his penis in one felt swoop. 
    • Lower your hands all the way to his base and then tighten your grip as you suck right back up to the top.
    • Stroke and suck up and down with your hands and mouth as one long, wet tunnel squeezing a little tighter each time you reach the very base.

  • The Stranger +

    The Stranger

    It is perfectly natural to be attracted to people other than your partner and fantasies are a natural extension of this attraction. The Stranger lets you play with new sensations to mimic the feeling of being touched by a brand new set of hands.

    • Get your hand nice and slippery with lube.
    • Use a backhand grip beginning in a thumbs-down position to grasp the base of his penis with all five fingers.
    • Stroke upward until your thumb and index finger reach the ridge and then lower all the way back down to the base.


  • The Like a Prayer +

    The Like a Prayer

    This will have him singing your praises for years to come!

    • Rub some lube between your palms to warm them up and place your hands in prayer position.
    • Once he’s hard, lower your hands over his cock beginning with the base of your palms and keeping your finger tips pointing upward toward his head.
    • Once you reach the base, open up your index and middle fingers before returning the tip and returning your hands back to prayer position.
    • Apply firm pressure as you stroke your hands up and down in prayer position.

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