Why 50+ Can Be Your Real Sexual Prime

Why 50+ Can Be Your Real Sexual Prime Image

Many women start to put the brakes on sex after menopause. But getting hot and heavy in your 50’s can be even better than it was in your 20’s. The next time you’re tempted to say “not tonight,” keep these thoughts in mind:

Why 50+ Can Be Your Real Sexual Prime Image

1. The kids are out of the house

You’ve made it through sleepless nights, school plays and graduation celebrations to raise smart, capable children who are living on their own. Your reward? The freedom to have sex without the fear of an unpleasant encounter you’ll have to explain later.

2. You’re more experienced

With age comes wisdom. At this point, you know what you’re doing in the bedroom, and how to let your partner know exactly what gets you going.

3. You can afford to indulge

Whether you’ve been in the workforce since you were a teenager or jumped back in after raising a family, you probably have more disposable income than you did in the earliest stages of your sex life. Treat yourself to sexy lingerie or romantic weekend trips.

4. Pregnancy is no longer a concern

After decades of a sex life dictated by birth control, you’re finally free. Forget about pills, patches, rings and sponges and get it on without having to worry about expanding your family.

5. Pleasure may increase as you age

It’s a common misconception that sex drive decreases with age. In reality, many women experience an increase in libido as they get older. And with the help of a moisturizing lubricant like ASTROGLIDE Liquid, you can experience spine-tingling sex at any age.


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