Trying to Conceive at the Drugstore: 5 Items to Include On Your Babymaking Shopping List

Trying to Conceive at the Drugstore: 5 Items to Include On Your Babymaking Shopping List Image

From sperm-friendly lubricant to fertility charting goodies, here's what you need to grab at the drugstore when you're trying to conceive.

Trying to Conceive at the Drugstore: 5 Items to Include On Your Babymaking Shopping List Image

Trying to conceive? Time to get shopping!

Chances are, you either live 15 minutes or less from a drugstore, or you can at least access one from your smartphone or computer -- and you’d be amazed at how many fertility aids and other TTC goodies you can find there (plus, you can always throw some nice dark chocolate, shampoo and stationery into your cart for good measure).

Whether you’re planning a late-night excursion to the nearest 24-Hour CVS or firing up your web browser for some heavy duty digital shopping, don’t forget to pick up the following five items:

The Best Fertility Aids At the Drugstore

Other than actual fertility drugs that you would receive via a prescription from your reproductive endocrinologist, two of the best fertility aids you can find at the drugstore are over the counter:

1. A basal thermometer can help you track your fertility cycle and determine your fertile window based on the symptothermal method. Your temperature changes throughout your cycle and rises slightly when you’re ovulating, so taking accurate basal temps is an important way to ensure you’re trying to conceive at the right time.

2. A fertility monitor is a bit pricier than a basal thermometer, but it’s also more feature-rich and accurate. Fertility monitors detect hormone levels in your urine to get a more accurate idea of when you’re most fertile.

Trying to Conceive in the Vitamin Aisle

Can vitamins, herbs and other supplements help you get pregnant? While there isn’t a ton of evidence to support the usefulness of “fertility vitamins,” certain nutritional and vitamin deficiencies can make it more difficult to conceive — of course, the only way to test for those is to see your doctor.

With that said, there is one thing you should pick up either way:

3. Pre-natal vitamins are a must after you get pregnant, but it’s never a bad idea to start taking them when you’re trying to conceive. While they won’t necessarily improve your chances of conception, they can help you make sure you have your nutritional bases covered once you do get pregnant. Plus, you can now get prenatal gummy vitamins, so if swallowing pills is an issue for you, you’re still set!

Making TTC Intercourse More Fun

Making TTC Intercourse More Fun

It’s no secret that timed TTC intercourse can get sort of routine after a while, but there are plenty of options at the drugstore to help you liven things up and enjoy the process of making a baby:

4. Sperm-friendly lubricant is a must for those nights when your fertile window comes sooner than expected, but you don’t have a lot of time to get warmed up and have to enjoy a quickie (just remember: quickies can be fun, too — provided you do them right!). Unfortunately, many over-the-counter lubricants inhibit sperm motility, which creates a less than ideal environment for conception to occur.

With sperm-friendly lubricants, however, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to put a bun in the oven. And given that you can find TTC lube at CVS, it’s never been so convenient to lube up for a night of long-lasting reproductive fun.

5. These days, you can even find vibrators and adult toys at the drugstore. While you might feel a bit awkward checking out a cock ring in addition to your Band-Aids and cold medicine, there’s no shame in needing a little help to get things going, or even taking your orgasms to the next level with a vibrating bullet (excuse us — “personal massager”).

What’s On Your TTC Shopping List?

The idea of a drugstore shopping spree might not, on the surface, seem like the most exciting way to spend some dough, but when growing your family is the goal, you start to see things in a different light. (Especially considering how many types of dark chocolate you can usually find in the candy aisle. We can’t emphasize that enough).

While these five items top our shopping list, there are plenty of other great finds at the drugstore, from calendars, stickers and other charting gear to makeup, cologne and grooming items to help you feel like your sexiest self for your babymaking boo.

What items would you add to this list? Let us know by tweeting us @ASTROGLIDE!


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