Feed Your APPetite. Take The Quiz.

Feed Your APPetite. Take The Quiz. Image

Hungry for love? Pining for a fling? Dating apps can be helpful, but it’s tricky to determine which one will attract the guy you’re looking for. Take this quiz to find out which app will satisfy your hunger for love.

Feed Your APPetite. Take The Quiz. Image
  1. What’s your idea of the perfect first date?
    1. An activity that exudes culture, like an art museum.
    2. I keep it classic: dinner and a movie.
    3. I’m at my best in a social environment, so I like barhopping.
    4. Something adventurous yet romantic, like a motorcycle ride down the coast.
  2. How do you prefer to communicate?
    1. I prefer Facebook or email. That way I have time to respond when I’m ready.
    2. Texting or phone calls. They’re less intimidating than meeting face-to-face.
    3. In person, because you can never really get to know someone otherwise.
    4. Snapchat. I’ll let him look just long enough to leave him wanting more.
  3. What are you doing on a typical Friday night?
    1. Snuggled up at home watching Netflix.
    2. I’m probably just hanging out at a friend’s house.
    3. You’ll find me checking out a new local band.
    4. I usually have a date lined up.
  4. What do you picture your dream dude wearing?
    1. V-neck and khakis.
    2. Anything trendy. I like guys who keep up with the latest in fashion.
    3. His birthday suit.
    4. A beard and flannel shirt.
  5. Who are you when you go to a party?
    1. Life of the party. I’m always the one who gets the dance floor started.
    2. Wallflower. I’m not the partying type.
    3. Cautiously social. I scope out the room for someone who looks as lonely as I do.
    4. Social butterfly. I make it a point to chat with everyone for at least a few minutes.


Classic, laid-back and a little bit shy, you like to keep things simple. Grindr is great for you because it’s straightforward with no gimmicks; simply browse through nearby singles to find your perfect match. Grindr Tribes help you narrow your search by filtering niche groups, including Clean-Cut, Daddy, Geek, Jock and more. The app can serve as a starting point for traditional dating, casual hookups or even just to make friends.

Guy Spy

You’re very open, confident and great at making a first impression – and we’ve got just the app to match. Guy Spy features detailed descriptions that include stats, preferences and likes & dislikes all laid out on one page, so it’s great for men who are comfortable revealing their personalities right off the bat. And once you find a match, Guy Spy’s GPS feature allows you to share your exact location with a potential mate.


You’re reserved and rather masculine. You have little time for, or interest in, sifting through profiles that are not your type. The app for you is Growlr, the social network geared toward bears. No need to filter your search – the app does all the work by connecting you with bears worldwide. You can view listings for bear bars in your area or send pictures, messages and voice memos to your matches.


You love meeting lots of new people and thrive on connections based on common interests. Try Tinder, which allows you to swipe through lots of potential matches in your area quickly and easily. It’s perfect if you prefer not to narrow your search and would rather give all types of guys a chance before making your selection.

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