The Real Gods of Sex

The Real Gods of Sex Image

“Sex god” -- it’s a term we throw around pretty loosely these days. A few of your friends hear the same rumors about what the new guy in 2B can do with a bottle of personal lube, and suddenly he’s deified as a loverman with other-worldly bedroom powers. But there was a time when the title of sex god carried some serious weight. In cultures across the world, a whole host of heavenly beings were worshipped for their sexual powers. In some societies, they still are.

The Real Gods of Sex Image

Need a little help with your own sex life? You may want to utter a prayer or two to one of these bonafide sex gods:



This Northern Moroccan goddess lives in springs and rivers. She is said to seduce young men, then drive them insane. You may want to exercise caution when praying to this goddess! 


Worshipped by the ancient Aztecs, Xochiquetzal served as the goddess of pregnancy, childbirth and women’s crafts, but she was also believed to be the controller of female sexual power.


Ready to turn those one night stands into something a little more meaningful? Rāgarāja can help -- he’s a Buddhist deity with the power to transform worldly lust into spiritual awakening. 


Do all of your blind dates turn out to be jobless losers? Perhaps you should make an appeal to Aine. Not only is she the Irish goddess of love -- she also presides over issues of wealth and sovereignty. Who knows -- with her help, you might just land your prince!


In Chinese mythology, Yue-Lao is depicted as an old man under a moon. He’s a powerful god of love and marriage and is said to bind soulmates together with a red string.

You may be tempted to cover all your bases and worship several of these gods at the same time, but if Greek mythology has taught us anything it’s that gods tend to be the jealous sort -- best to focus on one at a time. Perhaps you can erect your own mini altar in your bedroom and decorate it with offerings of personal lube and photos of sexy dudes. It’s worth a try, right? 

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