Do You Suck at Flirting? Take the Quiz.

Do You Suck at Flirting? Take the Quiz. Image

Take this quiz to find out if you need to step up your game.

Do You Suck at Flirting? Take the Quiz. Image
  1. You spot a cute girl from across the room. You get her attention by:
    1. Accidentally bumping into her and striking up small talk.
    2. Hollering that she looks hot in front of everyone.
    3. Going up to her and trying a pickup line.
    4. Meeting eyes and throwing a smile her way.
  2. She compliments your shirt. You:
    1. Stare at her and compliment her teeth.
    2. Say “thank you” and go about your day.
    3. Ask her if she wants to see what’s underneath it.
    4. Say “thanks” and make a joke about how you got it.
  3. She sends you a text asking, “What are you doing tonight?” You respond:
    1. “Not much.”
    2. “I was hoping you.”
    3. “My overdue laundry.”
    4. “Just watching TV. What are you up to?”
  4. During dinner, you:
    1. Try to learn more about her.
    2. Try to impress her with your awesome stories.
    3. Let her do all the talking because you don’t know what to say.
    4. Talk about your meeting at work earlier that day.
  5. At the end of a date, you:
    1. Say goodbye and walk back to your car.
    2. Wait until she says goodbye.
    3. Kiss and tell her you’d like to see her again.
    4. Tell her you’ve got to go meet your next date.

You’re a poker player.

Maybe you’re a man of few words or like to keep to yourself behind that poker face. Perhaps you need a little more time to warm up. Sometimes a woman can play the waiting game, but it doesn’t hurt to drop a few more hints that you are interested. Opening up a little more will encourage her to open up, too.

You’re a smooth operator.

Why hello there, James Bond. You’re playful, subtle and effortlessly in control, which makes you attractive and intriguing. You’re a tease, but you understand it takes two to tango. No need for a how-to guide, you know how to simply connect with another human being.

You’re a pick-up artist.

You know you’re awesome and you know what you want. Some ladies like that in a man, but it can also be a turn off if you come across as only wanting one thing. You don’t need to try too hard or look cool to attract women. Tone it down a bit and focus more on her, and she’ll find you even more attractive.

You’re a left fielder.

Maybe you never got the hang of this flirting thing, or your off-the-wall responses throw people too off-guard. While some women are into shy and awkward guys, initiating casual conversation and expressing your romantic interest in a calm, cool and collected manner can boost your game.

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