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Sex and Older Adults

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Sex and Older Adults



First comprehensive nation survey charts sexual behavior among older adults

Although sexual problems increase with age, continued sexual activity has been shown to be positively related with personal health. Data from the University of Chicago’s National Social Life, Health and Aging Project (NSHAP), reveal the sexual activeness of older adults between their 50’s and 80’s and the related health benefits involved.




Sexuality at Any Age (Women’s Health Matters article)

As women hit their 40’s, the loss of libido or sexual desire and other sexual problems can greatly hinder sexual relationships. Dr. Stephen Holzapfel discusses these problems as well as provides the possible solutions to overcoming sexual obstacles




Sex after 40? Tips to keep heat between the sheets
Dr. Laura Berman explains how to easily and naturally boost your libido.

Not only does the drop in libido for women in their 40’s suppress sexual desire, the lack of energy from constant work and/or family also act as a huge obstacle in a woman’s sex life. In the article, Dr. Laura Berman shares five important points that can boost your libido naturally.




A Woman’s guide to Reviving Sex Drive

This article analyzes the problems involved with the loss of women’s sex drive amongst the baby boomer generation and the possible methods to revitalize sexual desire.




Don’t Be Sexless After 40
When Romance Sputters, You Can Fix It

Age, menopause, and tiredness are all reasons for the decline in sexual relationships, however, the real problem has been found to be impaired sexuality and sexual functions. The article provides seven of the most common sex-hinderers and gives solutions on how to overcome them.




Sex After 60: It’s Alive and Well

A study conducted by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) reveals that aging does not necessarily interfere with sexual appetite or activities, and with the proper modifications, older couples can continue to enjoy sexual relationships

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