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Safer Sex

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Safer Sex

Safer Sex

Practicing safer sex has become a chore for many. It often represents a too clinical approach to sex. But safer sex can also be "fun sex." When condoms are used correctly and with proper lubrication, both partners will have increased pleasure and sensitivity. It can often add to intimacy between partners and assist in better communication in the bedroom.

Condom Types

The condom is the most commonly used method for safer sex. Prelubricated condoms are available but they can be gritty and long term storage may cause the lubricant to weaken the condom. Some people resort to the use of "natural skins," derived from animal tissue, or sheer latex in order to enhance sensitivity. However, your safety is compromised by these choices. Sheer latex condoms are easily torn while the "natural skins" do not block the AIDS and herpes viruses.

To find the condom right for you, experiment with the length, thickness and features of the condom. Some come with ribbing or ridges that act to increase stimulation for the receiving partner.

Personal Lubricants and Condoms

Adding a few drops of a personal lubricant to the inside surface of the tip of the condom before it is unrolled will provide the wearer with greater sensitivity. The personal lubricant should also be applied to the outer surface of the latex condom and may be applied to the partner's genitals during foreplay. This will eliminate the possibility of discomfort or irritation of delicate tissues. Lubrication prior to penetration will enhance your partner's enjoyment and decrease the possibility of the condom tearing. The condom is best applied by you or your partner before there is any contact. The reason for this is to prevent exposure to the small amount of semen that is sometimes released at arousal, even before sex is actually initiated and ejaculation has occurred.

Lubricant Types 

The choice of a personal lubricant is extremely important. It should be water-based and water-soluble. Petroleum based products will break down the latex and damage the condom as well as adhere to delicate tissues and provide a good breeding ground for harmful microorganisms to grow and multiply. Choosing a lubricant that is slightly acidic will inhibit these unfriendly organisms.

The lubricant of choice should be convenient to apply, easy to remove with water and basically, mimic the characteristics of the body's own lubricating fluids.

Astroglide's unique formula is water-based, water-soluble and designed to mimic the body's natural fluids. Astroglide makes condom use more enjoyable and makes safer sex a reality.


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