A Singles Guide to the Holidays

The holiday season can be difficult for singles; Couples in love are dashing through the snow, getting toasty by the fire, making naughty and nice promises. For those going solo, spending this romantic season alone can seem dreadful. Instead of sulking over a punchbowl of eggnog, get out and give the gift that only you bring: yourself! Here are eight fun and adventurous ways to meet someone special before the ball drops. 

1.     The Singles Sojourn – Sick of Aunt Carol asking why you’re still the only single one? Kiss the family goodbye and take a vacation with your favorite wingman or wingwoman to a destination crawling with singles in search of love. Try a cruise ship or a hopping ski town.

2.     The Quest – Have you ever dreamed of learning Italian and perusing the markets of Tuscany? Take a solo journey to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. A solo trip will force you to be daring and meet people you might not have a chance to otherwise. Your excitement and openness to new experiences will make more than a few heads turn.  

3.     Hot Indoor Spots – Whether stateside or abroad, go to cafes, bookshops, museums and other places people hole up when the weather turns cold. Don’t be shy about sharing a table, chatting up a new friend or commenting on a piece of art.

4.     Winter Endorphins – Get involved in a winter sport, even if you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding before. Group Lessons, chairlifts and après ski venues are great places to meet people. The euphoric workout, fresh mountain air and stunning views put everyone in the mood!

5.     Get Social – Ditch the couch and get to as many social functions as you can. The holiday social schedule can be tiring, but you never know who you might meet. Make an appearance at the very least.

6.     Holiday Mixer – Host a holiday party with the rule that guests must bring a new friend to the party that no one else has met. Who knows? You may get rewarded karmically for making a cupid match or two for others!

7.     Holiday After Party – Eyeing one of your co-workers this holiday? Organize a get together after the company holiday party so you can zero in on that special someone without the bosses around. Your co-worker might be thinking exactly what you’re thinking.

8.     Volunteer - There are lots of great causes to support around the holidays. Whether you serve at the local soup kitchen, hand out blankets to the homeless or help run a toy drive, you'll meet a lot of good-hearted people and expand your network. The act of giving also has a way of bringing out your most attractive qualities.

Remember: there are tons of single men and women out there who would love to meet someone as merry and bright as you. Get in the holiday spirit and share it with everyone you encounter. When you present your true, fun-loving self, someone special will take notice.