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A Singles Guide to the Holidays

The holiday season can be difficult for singles; Couples in love are dashing through the snow, getting toasty by the fire, making naughty and nice promises. For those going solo, spending this romantic season alone can seem dreadful. Instead of sulking over a punchbowl of eggnog, get out and give the gift that only you bring: yourself! Here are eight fun and adventurous ways to meet someone special before the ball drops.  1.     The Singles Sojourn – Sick of Aunt Carol asking why you’re still the only single one? Kiss the family goodbye and take a vacation with your favorite wingman or wingwoman to a destination crawling with singles in search of love. Try a cruise ship or a hopping ski town. 2.     The Quest – Have you ever dreamed of learning Italian and perusing the markets of Tuscany? Take a solo journey to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. A solo trip will force you to be daring and meet people you might not have a chance t ...

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown TOP 5

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown TOP 5

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 10-6

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 10-6

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 15 - 11

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 15-11

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 20 -16

20. A Boyfriend For Christmas - Holly Grant, is a lawyer who gave up on finding Mr. Right when she split with her last boyfriend Ted. In this movie, Santa, fulfills an old promise by bringing her and another attorney, Ryan Hughes together. Due to an earlier misunderstanding, Ryan doesn't want Holly to know who he is. So when he knocks at her door with a Christmas tree he pretends to be Douglas Firwood. Holly realizes she can take him home to her parents for the day as a boyfriend she is serious about. Holly thinks the day is going perfectly--she and Doug are hitting it off but will his earlier lie spoil Santa's plan. 19. Holiday in Handcuffs - 'Trudie' Chandler loses her waitress job and boyfriend Nick on Christmas Eve - her only shot not to feel like her family's black sheep. To replace the ideal son-in-law with even hunkier dream-prince, David Martin, she kidnaps him at gunpoint to attend the family holidays in a secluded luxurious log cabin. Crazy lies prevent David from convincing the Cha ...

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 25-21

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 25-21 (Trailers Included), Check them out!

Holiday Romantic Movie Countdown 26 -30

Romantic Holiday Movie Countdown 26-30

The Most Romantic Holiday Movies: Take One

1.     The Holidays are official here! Here at Astroglide we"ve compiled the best romantic Holiday movies to cuddle up by the fire to. Here is the first batch. Enjoy!!         Serendipity - In the course of one magical evening, Jonathan and Sara meet unexpectedly while Christmas shopping and then part without expectation when she decides they must let fate determine if they are meant to be together. Years later, they are both engaged to others but cannot give up the dream that despite time, distance and the obstacles that conspire to keep them apart, they will one day meet again! 2.    Meet me in St. Louis- "You've got a mighty strong grip for a girl." A classic MGM musical, this Judy Garland vehicle sees her young Esther trying to woo boy-next-door John. No prizes for guessing how it ends, but it's jolly sweet stuff - plus it introduced the world to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. This is a proper movie to woo girls by. 3.  &nb ...

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