Summer is in full swing…and the thermometer is through the roof. The sun is great for grabbing a tan, but when it gets too hot out, the weather can throw a wrench in your date plans. After all, pit-stains don’t always make the best first, second or even third impression. Save the sweat for the bedroom. Your friends at Astroglide Personal Lubricants have come up with a few ways to beat the heat for your summer dating plans.
  •  Suit up and hit the local water-park. You spent all spring getting your beach body back in action, so why not use it? The water-park is a great place to enjoy the sun, stay cool and have some fun together.
  •  Washing a car doesn’t have to be a chore when you do it together. Strip down to your suits and don’t be afraid to get playful.
  •  Put the keys in the ignition and get ready to drive. Drop the windows (or the top) and head out to the country. A scenic drive is a great chance to get to know each other. If you’re lucky, a secluded country pit stop might be a chance to really get to know each other.
  •  Delectable dairy is a great way to cap off any date. Summer is the time for ice cream, and everyone loves ice cream. Make sure to save some whip cream; if you can take the date back to his or her place, you’ll get that cherry on top.
  •  Add a little drama to the evening…the good kind. Seeing an outdoor play, musical or opera is a great way to enjoy a summer evening. In keeping with the theme, try a little role-playing of your own when you get to the bedroom.
  •  Outdoor café? Got it covered! Try a new restaurant, preferably one with a covered outdoor café. You can enjoy the summer atmosphere without the sun beating down on your face, or enjoy the night air in a cozy, candlelit environment.
  •  Drive-in movies are still the rage. You could go sit in a stuffy, crowded movie theater…or you could enjoy one from the comfort and privacy of your own car. Open the windows to let a summer breeze blow through—or close them and crank up the air conditioning for total privacy.
Summer Fire