Are you prepared to slow things down in Canada for the Montreal Jazz Festival? We’ve got a few tips to keep the festival gliding along smoothly for you!

Montreal Jazz Fest is delivering jazz, folk, and alternative music for days on end. No really... the festival goes from June 28th to July 7th this year. There are over 150 indoor concerts, plus 10 stages, and 300 free shows that all include 3,000 artists. This marks the 34th year of the festival, that will draw in performers and music fans from across the globe. Keep the below in mind, and you are sure to have a grand time while the music does the sweet talking...

  • MAKE A SCHEDULE: Have you seen how many artists are performing? With those sorts of numbers and the span of days, the best way to keep track of who you want to see is to make a schedule. Doing a bit of research to figure out who you want to see, their set time, and venues, you’ll be able to get the most out of the festival and keep from going crazy.
  • EAT. DRINK. BE MERRY.: The festival offers three food terraces to ensure that you and your friends can stay fueled for the long days and nights of music. You can check out a list of venders on the Food Services page. And since you’re in Montreal, take advantage of your surroundings... there are local delicacies and wines to suit every palette.
  • WEATHER THE STORM: It’s Summer so it should be sunny and comfortable out, but there’s always a chance that bad weather could strike. The Montreal Jazz Fest goes on rain or shine, and will pick up where it left off if it should be delayed. Check the weather before heading out! Also, make sure to bring a sweater for when it cools down and a poncho to keep dry from any gloom that may settle in.

We put together a playlist chock full of artists that will be performing at this year’s Montreal Jazz Fest, as well as songs by some of the legends of jazz. Feel free to turn up the tunes while you make your schedule of shows to see, pack for your trip to Montreal, or plan next year’s adventure if you can’t make it this time around. Oh, and remember to bring a bottle of Astroglide Gel with you... never know when you’ll meet a smooth talker!