Are you ready to warm things up, and ship off to Tennessee for Bonnaroo? Here are some friendly reminders that should help you experience festival season to its fullest.

Bonnaroo is a whole new world, where a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality is left at the entrance and communal love is all that’s allowed in. The festival is four days of fun in the sun with a soundtrack of music, comedy, and conversations with new friends. From June 13th - 16th you can jam out to Walk The Moon, Of Monsters and Men, Passion Pit, Wilco, The xx, Cat Power, Mumford & Sons, The National, and so many more. 

Some tips to make your time there Bonnarific:

  • LEARN THE LINGO: Bonnaroo has a cute term for just about everything, and you should definitely be up on all of the phrases! We don’t want you to feel left out, so head over to the official Bonnaroo Term Guide.
  • HELP YOUR FELLOW BONNAROOVIANS: Everybody heads to Bonnaroo for the same reasons... to have a fantastic time while seeing some awesome live music. If you see a fellow festival go-er in need, try your best to help. Share a sip of water, lend them an extra supply or two, or send them off in the right direction. We’re sure everybody else will be doing the same, so don’t be shy if you need help too!
  • KEEP THE FUN ALIVE: There are plenty of ways to keep the spirit of Bonnaroo alive once it's come to an end! Hit your social media outlets to share all of your stories, your favorite performances, that one thing that had you laughing too hard, and to find some of those new friends you made along the way. A great hashtag to use, so that others can find your tales and you can search others’, is #Bonnaroo365.

If you need the perfect playlist to map out your upcoming days at Bonnaroo, or want to join in the fun even though you can’t be there, Astroglide has you covered! Throw on our playlist that includes some of the amazing artists at this year’s festival. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your Astroglide Warming (it’s an essential)!