You probably did a double take when you read that headline, but really, menopause can be good for your relationship — you just have to look at each aspect and find the silver lining.
  • No more pregnancy worries. Think of all the freedom that comes with this! You can now be a bit more spontaneous, without having to worry about condoms.
  • Take advantage of hot flashes. When you start feeling the heat, get tropical with your man. We’re sure he wouldn’t mind seeing you in as little clothing as possible.
  • Have fun with the mood changes. Embrace the roller coaster. It’s a built-in excuse for doing what you want when you want to. Just don’t abuse it …
  • You now have options for treating vaginal dryness. Whether it’s occasional or severe, there are many different personal lubricants and vaginal moisturizers for every need and whim.
Astroglide Personal Lubricants not only help relieve vaginal dryness, they add spice to any intimate activity. Life is what you make of it. If you decide to let menopause control your life, it will. If you find the positives, the changes will become more about enjoyment.