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Tips for an Original & Memorable Valentine's Day

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February Tips!

Make a V-day gift this year.

Do something original and make your beloved a card or gift for Valentine’s Day. With just scissors, glue and construction paper, you can create a homemade card that really speaks from the heart. Or head to a store like Michael’s, where you can buy the scrapbook supplies for something like a “What I Love about You” mini-book. A personalized photo album of your favorite moments together could also be a hit. Remember, even if you’re not the artistic sort, it’s the thought that counts.

Take an e-trip down memory lane.

For a number of couples, wooing each other early on in the relationship involved some sort of email exchanges. For others, email enabled them to eroticize things as never before. No matter what your situation, sift through old emails to and from your sweetie, organizing them into a special file folder. Then pour yourselves a glass of wine and crash on the couch with your laptop, taking the time to enjoy those intimate emails once more.  

Declare a regular date time.

Plan something every week that’s just for the two of you. This may be going to your favorite coffee shop for a cup of java every weekend, or stealing away to a different trendy wine bar every Thursday evening, or going for a hike every Saturday morning. Having this type of social but private routine will give you something to look forward to and ensure that you have time together. It will also help you to feel more bonded and, with that, cultivate desire. 

Reclaim intimacy post-pregnancy, hot mamas!

First, have time and privacy guaranteed. This may require lining up childcare and treating yourselves to a couple of hours at a motel. The baby's welfare is going to be a huge distraction and many mums will feel guilty for not making themselves 100% available in attending to their little one. So take care of issues related to that first. Second, have plenty of Astroglide handy especially if you're breastfeeding, as well as birth control since you can conceive within just a couple of weeks of giving birth. Finally, don't put pressure on yourself to get back to the same sex and positions pre-pregnancy. You're different and so is your body. Enjoy finding your new erogenous zones. Go in with an open mind, but with compassion for your physique and where you're at mentally and emotionally.

Combat anybody blahs that are hijacking your sex life..

Start a daily workout routine, even if it's just a walk. Eat energizing foods vs. ones that are high in fat or starch and carbohydrates. Wear clothes that are comfortable, but can help you to feel sexy. Treat yourself to new lingerie that shows off your assets and that hides parts you might not want to flaunt. Spend 5 minutes in the mirror focusing on what you like about yourself and remember that when you seduce your partner!

Take control of your sex fears once and for all!

Sex hang-ups can hold us back from reaching our full sexual potential, and enjoying the best sex of our lives. Commit to fixing whatever is hijacking your sex life, by first becoming informed. Read as much as you can about your issue, whether it’s lack of confidence, performance fears, body image concerns, or something else, gather information on what’s going on and how you can change the situation. Knowledge is power. Second, recruit professional help in overcoming the issue. Depending on your needs, this may involve working with a sex coach, educator, or with a certified sex counselor or therapist (as found at Life’s too short to not have the sex life of your dreams!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s hard to miss or appreciate what you have when you’re with him or her all of the time. While it can be nice and comforting to be inseparable, many couples swear by the occasional time apart, as this feeds their want for their partner in a new and refreshing way. So whether it’s an evening out with the gals, or a weekend of golf with the guys, give yourselves a breather from time-to-time. 

Casual sex does not equate great sex.

Research presented at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research found that women are less likely to reach climax during casual sex than when they’re in committed relationships. Research involving 600 college students revealed that gals were twice as likely to realize orgasm during intercourse or oral sex with in a serious relationship vs. when hooking up. So if you or your partner are having trouble experiencing orgasm, consider if your relationship status needs to be reconsidered. 

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