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Tips for October

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Tips for October!

Win your partner over with words.

Shower your lover with compliments, use “you” to make the effort even more effective. For example, instead of saying, “That feels wonderful”, say “You make me feel wonderful.” That has a totally different impact, doesn’t it?

Buy your sweet a favorite treat.

It's often life’s simple pleasures that make us smile. So go out for an ice cream date. Or buy your love’s favorite candy as a surprise the next time you go for a walk, or to the movies, or on a road trip. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to buy him or her a box of scrumptious chocolates. The effort will fill your partner with warmth and affection.

Seal moments with a kiss.

Start your day and every hello from now on with a kiss. Say your good-byes with one as well. Kisses are an easy way to show affection and tenderness, and they go a long way in keeping couples connected between opportunities for sexual intimacy.

Avoid turn offs.

Sex advice is so focused on turn ons that it often forgets to outline what NOT to do or say in getting your partner aroused. As dislikes can be very individual, ask your partner about what things turn him or her off when getting in the mood. Whether it’s something you say or do, something you’re wearing or not, or an area you touch… Try not to take any feedback as criticism, rather focus on what your lover would prefer instead and learn from that in becoming a better sex partner.

Hug your partner from behind.

This can be a nice surprise, especially if accompanied with whispered sweet nothings. Not only is this a very comforting embrace, but it can plant the seed for getting more animalistic as well!

Never just say "fine."

When your partner is looking for feedback, whether it’s on an outfit, new look, idea, or personal endeavor, don’t rely on the ever so flippant “fine.” Give a compliment or provide constructive criticism. This not only indicates that you’ve been listening, but that you care about what is being shared with you as well. This also helps your partner to feel valued and important.

Read erotica out loud.

If your partner is too tired for some action, s/he may still be up for a little bedtime reading. So be the storyteller and read some erotica aloud. Allow yourself to have fun with the delivery, asking your lover to close his or her eyes in better imagining the scenario, and to better focus in on the sensual nature of your vocal chords. 

Go for the -knee.

You sit next to your partner during sporting events, in the car, at concerts, on airplanes… so you have plenty of chances to rest your hand on his or her knee -  or a couple of inches higher. Intimate and sensual, this type of affection gets the imagination going, while providing comfort and a sense of cohesion.

Change up the kissing.

Different events call for different types of smooches, as does the mood. So adapt your kissing style to what’s warranted, whether that’s more or less tongue, or passionate embracing, or slow, sensual and explorative lip locks. Ask your lover to guide the action if you’re not sure what fits the bill. 

Splash on a bit of cologne.

new Indiana University study found that women were more aroused when smelling a popular men’s cologne (vs. when she was smelling a women’s cologne or neutral odor). So spray on a tad and see where the effort takes you. Just be sure to experiment with the scent first, as some can make a person stinkier. 

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