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Tips for Getting More & Better Action

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December Tips!

Get rid of the TV in your bedroom!

Keeping the TV around only acts as a distraction. Your bedroom should be for making love and sleeping only! As held by the Feng Shui belief system, any other purpose invites a dual energy that will give your room and energy mixed messages. So instead of tuning in to the television, tune in to your lover.

Just a reminder to practice your kegel exercises!

People often start out on a pelvic floor muscle routine, only to quickly forget that it’s supposed to be part of their daily better sex routine. Being reminded of the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor can be great incentive to flex these muscles once more. For gals, being able to squeeze your pelvic floor around your partner’s penis, finger or a toy will help to enhance the vaginal sensations. For guys, stronger pelvic floor muscles will help you last longer. 

Realize that there may be more pleasure in peaking than reaching climax.

When you’ve reached the state of maximum sexual arousal before orgasm, ride this moment known as “peaking.” Don't let yourself go over the edge, as this can prolong pleasure and make for a more powerful “Big O.” Some strategies for extending peaking include changing positions or asking your partner to ease off on stimulation. Slowing down or taking deep breaths can also work.

Romanticize your guy.

Society puts a lot of pressure on men to be the romancer, often ignoring his needs to be wined and dined. Doing special things for him, like making him dinner or giving him a gift, shows him that you care. Even if they don’t always admit it, many men enjoy being pampered and seduced with things like a bottle of wine over candlelight. It’s these simple activities and gestures that can turn him into putty. 

Handle seeing your ex like a pro.

Should you unexpectedly run into an old fling or serious ex-beau, slap on a smile and simply nod your head. If words must be exchanged, simply ask politely, “How are you doing?” Such a reaction keeps your dignity intact and shows that you're empowered, plus so over this former flame. Such reactions further indicate that there are no hard feelings, and that you're, ultimately, a class act. 

Try this as a breath saver.

Whether your partner’s breath could use some freshening, or you’re worried about your own, start kissing your lover all over. Bad breath concerns are the perfect excuse to go to town in places often ignored.

Quell a lover’s anxiety around sex.

If your sex partner is anxious about sex, use the following strategies to overcome the situation:

  • Education = empowerment. Work with a sex coach or read through some sex manuals together.
  • Get to know each other and communicate, as familiarity breeds comfort in knowing what the other wants.
  • Give a show’n’tell when it comes to your pleasuring, then ask your partner to show you a trick or two.
  • Talk to a certified sex counselor or therapist if your lover’s anxiety continues due to bigger issues.

Never draw attention to your unattractive moments.

Whether you’re with a crush or a long-term, committed partner, bite your tongue in drawing attention to things like the fact that you’re in your most unflattering baggy tracksuit bottoms or that you haven’t washed your hair. Insecurities can have people bringing attention to things that often would otherwise go unnoticed. So avoid saying anything that draws attention to how drabby you look. Instead, focus on the fact that it's a beautiful day, or that your beau caught you in the best mood because of "X". Put a smile on your face and this will draw your beloved’s attention and have him or her thinking favorably of you

Know the signs that your lover is up for more action.

Whether it has been 20 minutes or 2 hours since your last romp, your partner may be a little shy in letting you know that he or she wants more. Indicators that your lover is still in the mood include:

  • Is s/he pressed up against you? 
  • Are you cuddling? 
  • Is s/he nuzzling her/his face into your neck? 
  • Is she guiding your hand over her curves? 
  • Is he encouraging you to feel his genitals?
  • Is she letting you feel how wet she is?

Then be sure to frankly ask, “Up for round 2?” before getting revved up for a little bit - or a lot - more!

Don’t forget the lube!

Just two drops of your favorite lubricant can make all of the difference in the world when touching yourself or a partner. When it comes to maximizing pleasure and reaching climax, more and more lovers are discovering that it’s the silky smooth touch, thanks to lube, that throws people over the edge.

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