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Summertime Tips

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Summertime Tips!

Make your moves silky smooth

Lubricant is one of the easiest ways to make sex smoother, wetter, hotter... basically better. While a water-based lubricant usually does the trick, a silicone-based lube is particularly exquisite since it's silkier in nature and doesn't have the same drying effect.

Cool things down.

If it's a hot night, freeze the sheets for 10-15 min. before sex. Ahhhh…

Condom use just got hotter!

Couples can add to their rubber’s sensation even more by applying a drop or two of lube on the inside tip of the condom before rolling it down the shaft.

If you’re expecting, experiment with her eroticism.

Seek to explore your new preggie body, as some who are expecting find erogenous zones that never existed. Moves that didn't work before may cause mindblowing reactions. A woman may relish orgasms that she's never known before too. Erotically experiment as though you're discovering a totally new playground.

Give the right touch.

As a part of foreplay, give a massage... with just plain "Argo Cornstarch." Don't add anything to it. Just apply with a powder puff to the skin and it goes on like oil--just don't add any oil!

Set up an IM date.

Couples finding themselves at a distance can plan a time to log-in at the same time to converse. Qualifying it as a "date" time makes it feel more special, giving the feel that you're still wooing each other from afar in making special time for each other.

Try to remember your wet dreams.

Did you orgasm last night? Some of you may be able to remember glimpses of occasional nighttime fantasies that have either freaked you out or that still cause you to break into a wicked, satisfied grin. Others of you can go so far as to consider yourselves either obsessed with sex or blessed because you’ve actually woken up - body contorting - during a nocturnal orgasm. Regardless of your experience, make mental note of it. You may find it equally stimulating now that you’re awake.

That’s right. Some guys’ pecks can be just as sensitive as some gals’ breasts. So go ahead and lap at his nipples with your tongue, all while… firmly stroking his chest, running your fingernails across his inner thigh area, rubbing his perineum with a well-oiled or lubricated hand, massaging his testicles, scratching his lower back, bum… Do whatever you fancy.

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