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Spring Loving

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Spring Loving!

Deliver More than a Slip of the Tongue

The next time you’re making out with your partner, whisper wanton words of wanting. Whether sexy, poetic, sultry or x-rated, express your desires, how hot you are for your lover, how much you love this very moment, how much you can’t wait to have more… Make the moment “ear”-otic!

Don’t forget the “I love you’s!”

It’s not uncommon for expressions of affection to go to the wayside. Lovers can take each other for granted, or just assume that feelings declared long ago are still well known, or they think uttering sweet things can wait for Valentine’s Day. In cultivating a deeper relationship and a hotter sex life, don’t forget to utter the three simple words of “I LOVE YOU!!” Saying them on a regular basis does more good than most people ever know.

Make exercise part of foreplay.

With or without your partner, go for a nice workout on days you’re hoping to get some loving. Not only can this energy boost have you feeling lustier, but it will boost your confidence and sense of sex appeal, as well. Research shows that exercising gives women a sense of control over their bodies. Now work that in the bedroom!

Read erotica together.

With “Fifty Shades of Grey” all the rage these days, do some bedtime reading together. Even if you’re not up for recreating scenes, reading about others’ sexual adventures can have you hot’n’bothered, fantasizing and up for creating novellas of your own!

Take on the television!

Tired of your lover paying more attention to the TV than you? Put on strip show. This nice diversion will remind partners of what they’re missing – and what you’re missing in sporting only a G-string, Speedos or nothing at all. As your flirt, strut, and play away, tease your lover with touches, kisses, and rubs, with a nice lap dance acting as the start, and not the finale, of your final performance!

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Nearly everyone has sexual insecurities at one time or another. If you feel like yours have become hang-ups, talk to your partner about any concerns you have. Good relationships allow lovers to talk about any weaknesses or flaws that people feel that they have. This enables both of you to work through the issue and builds trust. With revealing one’s vulnerabilities sweet and brave, there’s something very endearing in “going there,” and it’s sure to make for more sensual lovemaking in the near future and long run.

Get some sleep.

People often don’t realize how much a good night’s sleep boosts their health, well-being, mood, and sex life. Individuals who are well rested have the energy for intimacy, while those who don’t, struggle to get in the mood. So aim for about 7 hours of sleep if you can. If you find that sharing a bed with your partner is impacting the quality of your sleep, then discuss ways that you can get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, even if that means sleeping in separate beds!

Plan your dates around when she’s ovulating.

A number of women tend to be their horniest when they’re the most fertile. So if you’re strategizing when to pencil in dates so that the two of you can lock loins and simply enjoy each other, evaluate her menstrual cycle (ovulation typically occurs 12 – 14 days before her next period). Between feeling more aroused, and often having more fantasies and masturbation sessions, during this time, her most fertile week can have both of you experiencing more amazing sex.

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