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Sexy and Smart

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Sexy and Smart!

Sexy Smart

While sending a scantily-clad pic of yourself while text messaging might seem super sexy, it’s anything but when it ends up on the wrong mobile. So do the next best thing and send pictures of interlaced models sporting their "barely theres." Not only will your sweetie will be aroused by the turn-on attempt, but that you are so assured of your own desirability that you can pass along other eye candy too!

Titillate with talk, tenderness, and time.

Only 21-27% of couples discuss monogamy, condom use, or their sexual history with their sexual partner before having sex. That means that there are a lot of people out there fooling around without finding out how risky a partner they’re dealing with. Studies show that the better you know your partner the greater the comfort, care, and concern is in discussing your sexual histories, disease status, and risk-reducing strategies. The two of you also have more motivation to protect each other, and that can be super sexy.

Carnally cool off this summer!

If it’s hot outside and you're without air-conditioning, put your bed sheets in the freezer for 10 minutes before you go at it. Or set up a fan so that it’s blowing on you. Cool air can feel luxurious on your skin, especially if it’s hot and humid!

Record your sex dreams.

Regardless of whether you have lots of sexual experience or very little, having a nocturnal dream is a sexual experience all of us have in common. The recollection of these heart-racing, sweat-inducing nightly visions can, however, be difficult, if not impossible, for many of us to remember. So write them down the second you get up, when they’re fresh – for inspiration when you’re getting fresh with your sweetie later…

Protect yourself.

The decision to have protected sex or unsafe sex should be easy and very clear-cut. But the hard fact is that it isn’t. Whenever you’re faced with the tough temptation to forego protection, think about how much you deserve to be looking after your health in using a condom. Doing so still helps you to quench your thirst while not compromising your standards in taking care of yourself and your sex partner.

To share or not to share – that is the question.

Sharing your fantasies isn’t an easy decision, especially since people can come to very different conclusions in deciding what’s best for their relationship or what a lover can handle. Some lovers will tell different partners different things, depending on what’s happened before in the relationship and the person’s traits and sex personality. Others, however, would never tell a partner about any of their fantasies. They fear that they would be taken the wrong way, and do tons of unnecessary damage, especially if they don’t reflect upon who the person is or how s/he is in a relationship and would only be taken the wrong way if shared. Ultimately, to tell or not to tell is totally up to you deciding what the two of you are ready to handle.

Show off your sex face.

Some lovers shut down their sexual response by worrying about what they look like when they climax. From here on out, don’t worry about it! While sex faces can sometimes look silly when captured on film, when you’re in the moment with somebody, and that person is reacting to the sex you’re having, that sex face of yours is the biggest compliment. So wear it proudly!

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