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September Tips

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September Tips

Consider that you may have had a multi-orgasmic experience.

Experiencing more than one climax during a sex session is one of the most coveted sexual responses around. But what does it mean to have a multiple orgasm? Multiple orgasms present themselves in at least three different ways:

  1. The compound single orgasm  involves distinct climaxes that occur individually. A person goes back to a partially aroused state between peaks. You may, for example, have an orgasm during foreplay, then one 30 minutes later during intercourse.
  2. The sequential multiple orgasms are a series of climaxes that happen 2 to 10 minutes apart. Restimulation is often needed. These multiple orgasms, as well as the compound single orgasms, can be regarded as extended orgasms with lovemaking sessions that can last up to hours at a time. 
  3. Serial multiple orgasms happen in succession– one right after the other. Though they may be separated by seconds, for some, this reaction feels like one long orgasm, while for others its wave after wave of pleasure.

See your lover's body as covered in erogenous zones.

Don't just zero in on your sex partner’s groin or the well-known hot spots.  Take the time to explore and stimulate other parts of the body that often go ignored during lovemaking, like the hands, stomach, shoulders, thighs… You may be surprised by where your honey enjoys being stimulated!

Don't downplay a man's ability to fall hopelessly in love.

Contrary to popular belief, males and females express romantic love with approximately the same intensity. Research has found, for example, that…

  • Men hold more romantic views of male-female relations than do women.
  • Men tend to fall in love earlier in relationships. They also tend to show more brain activity in regions associated with visual processing, especially the face, than do women. This may explain a male’s susceptibility to falling in love, especially faster than women.  
  • Men tend to cling longer to a dying love affair, with three times as many men as women committing suicide after a disastrous love affair. 

Don't underestimate the importance of knowing each other well.

People in long-term relationships tend to report more satisfying sex, in large part because of greater comfort levels and being familiar with each other’s bodies. Knowing your partner can further make it easier to communicate about how to have better sex.

Serve up a "blended" orgasm.

No matter what your hot spot combination, a person can experience a more intense climax if two (or more) erogenous zones are stimulated at the same time. Often, realizing it comes down to having a good strategy more than anything. For example, lovers after a clitoral/G-spot blended orgasm will want to aim for positions that allow for easy manipulation of the clitoris, with the fingertips or a sex toy, while the tip of the penis (or dildo) presses up against the G-spot area rhythmically. Doggie style tends to do the trick, with lovers able to adjust the angle, e.g., having her go down on her elbows, in finding the reaction they’re after.

Treat yourself to glamour shots.

Forget leaving photo shoots to the models! Splurge on yourself by celebrating yourself with your own glamour shots. Packages often include hair and make up, and may involve simple headshots to barely there lingerie shots to lounging around in your birthday suit. Surprise your lover with your portfolio, reaping the rewards of having never looked so good. 


Don't Forget to sign off properly.

With people fielding a slew of texts, emails and phone calls daily, the trend has been to be short, but not necessarily sweet. While you can get away with being curt to a number of business and casual contacts, you should be mindful of being courteous to your lover. Part of this is not only greeting your special someone with something that makes them feel special – like “Hi Sweetie,” or “Hey Babe” – but ending a conversation with something nice too. Simply saying “xoxo” or “Love!” or Luv u!” indicates a lot of positive things to your lover, stirring feelings of longing and providing reassurances that can only do good.

Get aural in the sack.

Stroke her ego by telling her how good she feels or how gorgeous she looks to get more into the moment and feel sexier. Ask him to breathe something hot’n’sexy in your ear during thrusting in garnering greater reactions. Or describe a fantasy.  Ask her or him to touch you "there." Basically, don’t be shy in letting your needs and desires be known – and to make some noise! 

Relive your wedding night.

For many, the eve of their big day is often a blur. For some, the sex that was had (if it was even attempted) is hazy, thanks to having been absolutely exhausted or intoxicated. Whether you want to recreate the sex you had that night or make it better, seek to relive the best parts of that day, starting with your wedding album. Pouring over the pictures together and reminiscing over good times, sweet nothings that were shared, and XX can put both of you in the mood – to the point you may never need to get around to slipping on your wedding night negligee or popping that same bottle of champagne.

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