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Take "It" to the Next Level

Enhance a sensual, "naked" sexual experience.

Kiss your lover all over, as in those places you wouldn’t think to. Try doing this even after sex, as your partner is coming down and feeling good. Simply lovingly kissing the groin area will be comforting and make the two of you feel closer.

Make sounds that match the mood.

Having animalistic sex? Let your lover know he or she is driving you wild by making some noise! Having slow, sensual sex? When you’re in more of a “don’t lift a finger” mood, coo and sigh – basically make softer sounds that reflect the moment.

Wear an old t-shirt during sex.

Sure, it doesn’t sound sexy, ‘til you ask your partner to rip it off of you. Your tee suddenly becomes red-hot lingerie, making for a hungrier, can’t-get-enough-of-you, sexual encounter.

Pop a mint for greater passion.

Know you’re about to engage in some oral action? Try going down on your lover while keeping a menthol-flavored mint in your mouth (tucked at the side, between your lower jaw and cheek). The mint will have a nice, cooling effect as you heat things up!

Crushing on someone? Reach out & "touch" your eye candy.

Touching and looking at him or her is an immediate indicator that you like the person, that is, if the communication seeks to be affectionate or facilitate getting close. So don’t be shy in making eye contact and giving a light touch to a safe space, like someone’s forearm, in letting this potential interest know you’re crushing and hoping to get to know each other more.

Don't be afraid to self-disclose.

Whether coupled or single, revealing your thoughts, feelings, and more information about who you are can only enhance your desirability to one another. Research has found that self-disclosure is associated with higher levels of marital satisfaction. Same goes for those on a date, with sexual self-disclosure increasing both sexual and relationship satisfaction. Those on sites like are more successful in the dating process when they share more personal information about themselves in their profiles and communications with others.

Give a nice head rub for getting in the mood.

Thought we meant the head of the penis just now? While that erogenous zone is certainly something worth playing with, we’re getting at a sensual, soothing head massage. Working your lover’s hairline, ears, temples, scalp with firm, but gentle massaging motions can enhance the sexual experience, getting the body relaxed and ready for sexual arousal.

Be honest: Can you characterize your relationship as a truly romantic one?

Romantic love is characterized by: caring, commitment, companionship, intimacy, sexual activity, and romance. Shared experiences and reciprocated emotional support, two of the most enduring and necessary components of romantic love, make for companionship. Intimacy is being able to share thoughts and feelings with a special someone, with both males and females able to disclose very personal feelings within a relationship.

Caring is when one does things for another without expecting anything in return. It is important, however, that caring be balanced. Commitment is sticking by a partner in good times and bad, working through conflicts and problems, and allowing love to grow as a result.

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