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March Tips!

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March Tips!

Banish your sex talk nerves!

Practice saying sexy phrases out loud as you're pleasuring yourself solo. This allows you to not only get over any feelings that may cause discomfort, like feeling silly, but allows you to tweak your sound. Alternatively, you can take a cue from the pros in movies that turn you on, identifying key phrases that you think are sexy and imitating how they're said. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Support your partner through THICK and thin.

It's critical not to be critical of a lover’s weight gain, as this shuts an individual down instead of motivating them to get in shape. Figure out ways that you can support your lover. Encourage him to start a workout routine with you. Help her/him in fixing a healthy breakfast, packed lunch, and nutritious dinner. Strategize ways that you can help your partner to minimize stress levels, like starting a meditation/relaxation yoga routine before bedtime, as this will help both of you to sleep, and a good 7-8 hours will help keep those pounds stay at bay.

Furthermore, begin a sexercise program to help your lover burn off extra calories. Finally, don't overlook getting to the bottom of what triggered the weight gain, especially if it's not related to his diet or her exercise routine. It would be wise to advise him or her to see a doctor, to supervise weight loss. Consider, that any emotional issues s/he could be dealing with or any medications s/he's on could also be affecting your lover’s physique, and help your partner to get the help that s/he needs.

Enhance his orgasm.

When your guy reaches climax, try any of the following techniques in possibly maximizing his response:

  • gently pulling on his scrotal sac as he's climaxing
  • using the knuckles of one or two fingers to massage his perineum (area between the anus and the testicles)
  • squeezing the base of his penis with your fingers, the index and thumb meeting like a cock ring

  • Men who have other reactive hot spots, like the nipples or ears, may also like having those areas played with for a more total-body effect.

    Test the waters in talking dirty.

    Ask your partner what turns him or her on - what kind of triple-X talk does s/he find super sexy? If s/he is shy or clueless, start by describing the action, laying on descriptors - juicy adjectives. Talk about how turned on you're getting; remember, the more you get into the dirty details the better. Just try to avoid jargon that can be a turn off. Too, don't say anything degrading unless the two of you have negotiated that it's cool to talk that way to each other during certain types of sex.

    Zero in on your lover's midsection first.

    The belly is a natural area to explore as an erogenous zone. Because of its location, it holds the treasure trail and is where a number of lovers give suggestions of what they'd like to do farther south. Its close vicinity to the nether regions and the fact that most other people don't see or play with this area can make it a very intimate and sensual spot, even if a little silly, it adds a playful element to the intimacy. Especially the belly button, it is a pleasurably sensitive area because there can be a little psychological vulnerability in playing with it, so experiment with it carefully. Using lube at the tip of your fingertips can add a gentle element that makes the action smooth and feel good. Drops from an ice cube can send pleasurable shivers throughout the abs and beyond. Adding an enhancement, like whip cream, can make the rimming action way more fun and tastier. Squirting at it with a shower head can feel very natural, but playful, while acting as great clean up post-foodie action...

    How to handle an unpopular mate.

    Friends and family not crazy about your significant other? Try to be sensitive to their feelings, but not in a way that disrespects your beloved. Acknowledge their concerns (this seems so simple, but when people are in love, they're seeing their beloved through rose-colored glasses, so they tend to be defensive towards any criticism). Try to spend time with your family without your partner always being around. Highlight what you like about your spouse, without sounding like a braggart, noting things that others may not see or be aware of. For example, they may not know that she volunteers at a homeless shelter or that he makes sure that he's home in time for dinner with the family every night. They might feel more reassured about the relationship knowing the why of your attraction beyond matters like beauty, hot bod, great confidence...

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