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June Tips

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June Tips!

Take on a “trisexual” attitude.

Not sure if you could ever be erotically into something? Curious about your passion potential, but feel like you’re holding back? Adopt a “try” sexual perspective, allowing yourself at least a taste of your or another’s sexual curiosity to see if you like it. After all, you may never know unless you try…

Initiate more sex.

Just like with anything else, it’s hard to make things happen unless you make them a priority. So surprise your partner and be good to yourself by pursuing sex on a more regular basis. In getting more action, you’ll want more action, since sex fuels testosterone levels in both men and women, causing both sexes to experience increased desire for more sex!

Treat yourself to a waterproof vibrator.

Combine the best of both worlds – sex toys and shower sex – in buying yourself (or a lover) a vibe specially made for water play. It’s sure to give you the safe charge needed, making bath time absolutely electric!

"How are you?"

Aside from "I love you," these 3 words may, perhaps, be the most important to utter in a relationship. Asking how your day was, inquiring about the details, and basically learning about each other’s lives will strengthen your relationship and help both of you to feel closer. Such sharing also bolsters a couple’s sense of security, which can have a ripple effect in the bedroom.

Spend less time together.

It may sound crazy, but spending time apart can have you yearning for each other more. Couples who are together 24-7 can often start to feel like roommates, whereas those who take a time out from each other can end up craving one another even more. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. Whether you spend an evening with friends or your lover goes on a week-long business trip, giving yourselves a chance to miss each other will have you hungering once more.

Avoid doing mundane tasks together.

Shopping, dusting, emptying the dishwasher… sure, it makes life a lot easier to do chores with a bit of help, but consider a divide and conquer approach. Doing chores together may not only stagnate your energy, but keep you from spending quality time together, whether that be snuggling, giving the other a massage, or having sex.

Close the door when using the bathroom.

Nothing can kill seeing your lover as a hot sex object more than when s/he is on the loo – at least when this happens on a regular basis. So try to keep toilet time private and leave some bodily functions and care to the imagination. This will help your lover to continue to see you as the god or goddess that you are.

Actually consider telling a white lie…

…if it’s for a greater good. White lies can be okay if their purpose is to avoid hurting your lover’s feelings. They can also be used to give a much-needed ego boost. If used, you should be seeking to do more good than harm in admitting the otherwise truth.

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