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July Tips

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July Tips!

Have sex for passion's sake!

It appears that having sex promotes passionate love feelings. Lovemaking draws people closer together, fostering self-esteem, self-actualization, and intimacy. Research has found that people who are more passionately “in love” experience higher levels of sexual excitement when thinking about their partner than those who are less passionately in love.

Aim to be fit, femmes!

The fitter you are, the better sex will be, according to research. This is because regular exercise boosts body image, with gals who exercise on a regular basis viewing themselves as more sexually attractive. Such is essential to a happier sex life. Exercise also helps both men and women in improving lovers’ stamina and blood flow to the pelvic area, enhancing the sexual experience. 

Color your carnal pursuits!

Buy a pack of crayons from your favorite sex shop and express your desires. Spend an evening playing games like “X” marks the spot or strip tic-tac-toe. Or draw temporary tattoos on each other. Or write sex messages or poems down her arm, across his thigh, along the curve of your love’s buttocks… Who knows where you’ll end up?!

Enhance your sexual repertoire with sex coaching.

You don’t need sex therapy or counseling, but utilizing after-sex guidance can make the action hotter and better. Work with a sex coach as a way to enhance your sexual experiences, expression, and savvy. Solo or as a couple, consulting with a sex coach can help you to feel more comfortable in your skin and about your sexuality, while equipping you with the sexual information and skills needed for a healthier sex life.

Go beyond "vanilla" sex.

Just the term “non-vanilla” sex, meaning going beyond missionary style intercourse, can make you want to lick your lips. After all, you’ve just entered the ice cream shop of sex, the one where you never know what flavor you’re going to get. Whether it’s pushing the envelope with what’s tame or pursuing all out “kink,” at the very least, it’ll be tasty. In fact, you may never get your fill!

In the name of better sex, quit smoking once and for all!

Between staining your teeth, accelerating aging, making you stinky, and contributing to sexual performance issues, nicotine does nothing for your sex life. Case in point: as few as two cigarettes can result in softer erections in males, since nicotine, as a vasoconstrictor, tightens the blood vessels, restricting blood flow.

Embrace your physical imperfections.

Learning to appreciate and accept your body is vital to maximizing your sexual responsiveness. Getting caught up in how your body looks, smells, feels, reacts… only sabotages sexual moments, getting in the way of climax. Remembering that nobody has a perfect body and that it’s your “imperfections” that make you all the more interesting is the first step to embracing – and working with – what you have. 

Play his flute.

During this Tantric sex move, a male gently thrusts while his lover’s fingers play with his perineum and scrotum. Whether oral sex or intercourse, as arousal builds, his partner gradually takes him deeper and deeper while maintaining this maneuver. 

Drink from the jade fountain.

During oral sex, kiss her mons pubis, then her outer lips, and then inner lips, in executing on this Tantric sex move. As she gets more excited, drive your tongue into her vagina and repeat rhythmically. Occasionally make your way to her clit and suck on it gently. Alternate kissing her clitoris and vulva, taking care not to forget nursing her breasts.

Know what you're looking for.

For years, couples have been making it their personal quest to locate this hot spot, with some coming up empty. What are they looking for exactly? The G-spot is the small mass of erectile nerve tissue, ducts, blood vessels, and glands located about two inches up from the vaginal opening on the front wall (stomach side) of the vaginal canal. The catch with it is, yes, every woman has a G-spot, a.k.a. Grafenberg spot. The G-spot is not necessarily, however, an erogenous zone for every woman. As with any other hot spot on the human body, some will trigger more of a reaction for a lover than others. 

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