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Hot Holidays 2

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Hot n' Heavy Holidays, cont.

Plan for Me-Time, times two.

While the holidays are about togetherness, you can’t be faulted for needing a time- out from all of the action. So make no apologies for going for a walk, and give careful consideration to places where you can get “busy”. Or go for a long drive and find a place to "park" for a while. For a little Me-Time at home, take an extra-long shower or soak in a bubble bath together.

Boost your body confidence

Body confidence is the basis for amazing sex. If you aren't comfortable with your body - if you don't feel good about yourself - then you're just setting yourself up for sexual difficulties and even dysfunctions. Having a positive attitude about yourself and your sexuality, and knowing that you're the sexiest thing going, can only lead to a racier romp with your lover. Whether you're showing off your body or letting your partner touch you all over, or the two of you are leaving the lights on... body confidence is WHERE IT’S AT!

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