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Hot Holidays

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Hot n' Heavy Holidays

It's that time of year again. Amidst the food, fun, family, friends, and festivities, you and your honey long to find the time to – "cuddle." While it might seem like "mission impossible," a little bit of forethought and clever strategizing can provide you with plenty of quality time together, whether alone or with your tribe. Whether you are simply looking to connect, wanting to de-stress, or hoping to pull off a quickie, the holidays can offer couples more time together than you ever thought possible.

Steal time away together.

It’s that special time of year in part because the holidays actually provide plenty of excuses to get “busy”. These include the need to:

  • Do secret holiday shopping
  • Wrap presents
  • Write holiday cards
All these activities have to be done, but there’s no reason why you can’t get a little "action" in at the same time.

Act like you’re on vacation.

After all, you are! While it’s only polite to give your family its due time, it’s also excusable to claim some down time given you’re on holiday. Such R&R efforts can involve going to bed early, sleeping in, and declaring naptime (e.g., after a big meal), for a most wonderful time of year.

Also, take advantage of relatives as babysitters. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are more than likely happy to look after your brood while you treat yourselves to a date night. Just be sure to bring back a bottle of their favorite wine, liquor or holiday goodie as a big thank you.

Separate from the pack.

You’ve got a huge “to do” list, but it doesn’t necessarily require everyone being on top of each other all at once. You want that kind of action, in the literal sense, just for the two of you. So to get everyone out of your space (or to make a clean escape), divvy up the tasks and errands that need to be completed. Have the family agree to lists of who is going to do what, making sure that you take on responsibilities that make privacy possible.

This might be going to the grocery store or offering to run errands while everyone else is at home – and taking your sweet ‘ol time getting back home. Or the two of you could plan to heat up the kitchen in a whole new way while everyone else is out and about.

When it comes to keeping the kids occupied, delegate tasks that keep them busy and provide a sense of contributing, like washing dishes. Alternatively, come up with holiday arts’n’crafts projects that could keep them occupied for a couple of hours. Then there are the options of sending them out to play or to the neighbors for a bit, or letting them have an extra hour in front of the television or a video game. During the holidays, it’s okay to bend the rules a bit, especially if it’s for a greater cause – your sex life!

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