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Healthy Sexual Relationship 2

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A Healthy Sexual Relationship, cont...

Remember, indirect is sometimes best

There comes a time during sex play that any hot spot can feel over-stimulated while a lover is manually or orally pleasuring the other. When things are too intense, you or your lover needs to make the direct action indirect. Take, for example, clitoral stimulation that can become too much of a good thing. Her lover should move his or her fingers to just above the clitoris to the clitoral shaft, or all the way up to the mons pubis, is to keep up the stimulation without over-stimulating her prime erogenous zone. Ladies can indicate that such action is needed by telling her partner that she needs a bit of a breather. "Mercy" is another flattering way of letting your lover know that you’re getting too much of a good thing.

Boost your body confidence

Body confidence is the basis for amazing sex. If you aren't comfortable with your body - if you don't feel good about yourself - then you're just setting yourself up for sexual difficulties and even dysfunctions. Having a positive attitude about yourself and your sexuality, and knowing that you're the sexiest thing going, can only lead to a racier romp with your lover. Whether you're showing off your body or letting your partner touch you all over, or the two of you are leaving the lights on... body confidence is WHERE IT’S AT!

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