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Healthy Sexual Relationship

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A Healthy Sexual Relationship

Keep Key Clothes On

Want your lover to focus on a certain body part without guiding him or her with your hands? Put a spotlight on the areas where you’d like more attention by keeping certain clothes on. For example, taking your top off and leaving your bottoms on during sex play could encourage more nipple action. Touching yourself in these areas further encourages your partner to want to do the same.

Add to your natural lube

Lube enhances sex for everybody, and can be used by anybody, whether or not you have problems with dryness. While vaginal juices, saliva, and pre-cum can certainly make things wetter, a touch of your favorite lube can make things even better. For example, having your clitoris rubbed, whether during sex or as a part of foreplay, is going to feel even more divine with lubricant. Finger action is more fluid, allowing for hotter action, and problems due to dry stimulation, like the failure to pull a smooth move, are avoided.

Don’t freak if you hit a sex rut

At any point in a person’s life span, he or she can experience worries, hang-ups, or disorders around sex. This is perfectly normal and not something to panic over. While some situations may require more help than others, it’s important to be patient with yourself. Doing so will make the situation easier to deal with, plus get you to a better place sooner versus later.

Compliment before you kiss

Compliment how luscious her lips are before zeroing in on them. If they are, for example, full and sexy like Scarlet Johansson's, tell her they're tempting you. If they're scrumptious, like Kenyon Martin’s, let him know just that. The object of your affections is likely to flirt back and be more inviting in accepting the kiss, whether it’s the first or the latest in a string of many.

Let your eye candy know you’re interested

Eye gazing without staring is a classic move if you’re interested in somebody. Brushing up against the individual is also usually a good indicator that you want to engage somebody erotically, e.g., men especially know she's interested when she finds the excuse to brush against him with her breasts.

Have sex sober

Despite alcohol’s use as a sexual and social lubricant, sex is actually way better when it's sober. Take, for example, that a gal will be more lubricated and that a lot of guys will last longer before climaxing. In reinforcing how hot sober sex can be, comment on how amazing it is, as this will make your lover feel better about not needing a buzz to get sexy - and that it wasn't just the alcohol that made you all into him or her.

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