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February Tips!

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February Tips!

Make Dinner Together

The experience of cooking a meal together can be very bonding and sensual. Lovers feel like they’re nurturing each other, while feeding each other’s needs, much like in the bedroom. Cooking, especially in smaller kitchens, can also give you the opportunity to graze hands, rub against each other’s bodies, and be seductive in tasting what you’re preparing. Who knows? You may just find that you’ll want to skip to dessert!

Talk About Porn Use

Lovers can feel betrayed if they learn that their partner likes to use porn, whether regularly or on occasion. While it can be tough, have a conversation regarding the role of pornography in a relationship, including whether it’s best used solo, or if it can be used to eroticize sex when you’re together, or if you find it completely offensive under any circumstances. Having this talk can help to avoid any troubles later, plus make lovers less threatened when it’s being used.  

Want to Be Sexy? Consider your Mood.

People are often obsessed with their clothes and looks to feel their sexiest, but often forget about the impact of their mood. If she’s in the mood and feeling sexy, then she’ll project that energy. If he’s feeling sexy and letting himself get into that head space, then his energy will have his partner feeling sensual as well. So check your attitude and energy and make sure that you’re allowing yourself to be playful and passionate in your persona.

Want More Foreplay? Extend It!

Foreplay can get rushed – and on a regular basis. So slow your partner down by letting him or her know that you’re having a great time, and that you want to savor it. Stress that the best sex often requires a good deal of warm up and that you enjoy the ride as much, if not more, than the destination. Taking the pressure off to get to the next “stage of sex” can make both of you more relaxed and ultimately more revved up!

Be Willing to Share Some of Your Most Embarassing Moments.

While it can be tough to divulge things that make you blush, they make you more human, which can be endearing to a date or lover. “Peak sharing” involves divulging embarrassing moments. And research has found that individuals who engage in such are likelier to connect, hang out, and stay in touch over the long-term.

Breastfeeding? Don't Forget to Practice Birth Control!

While breastfeeding can act as a natural contraceptive up to 6 months post-birth, there is always the risk of pregnancy when a woman resumes sexual intercourse. If you don’t want to risk having another baby nine months from now, talk to your doctor about the best form of birth control to use during this time.

Put Down That Cell Phone & Talk to The People Around You!

Thanks to smart phones, many people are busy texting, checking emails, or on Facebook when they’re out in public and waiting for someone at places like a restaurant or bar. Many have met good friends or lovers in greeting those around them when they’re killing time. Think of all of the connections – and possible mates - they’re missing out on in being absorbed in their phones!! Before, people were a lot better at spontaneous communication, those “unplanned, ordinary conversations and exchanges that occur when people interact serendipitously because they are in the same place at the same time.”

Up Your Kegels.

For those of you who regularly practice pelvic floor exercises, change things up from your regular 3-count reps. Instead, do 5 slow contracts, followed by 5 quick ones, contracting a releasing your PC muscle as fast as possible. Increase the amount of each by 5 every week. Your goal is to eventually contract 50 times slowly and then 50 times quickly 3 times per day for 300 contractions.

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