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August's Tips

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August Tips!

Find her G-spot.

To find out whether or not a gal has an erogenous G-spot area, do the following…

  • Make sure she’s in a comfortable position, e.g., lying on her back with her knees bent.
  • Leisurely arouse her, giving her body plenty of time to send blood to the pelvic region, as this will make it easier to feel the G-spot. 
  • Have plenty of lubricant handy as you slip a couple of fingers into the vaginal opening. 
  • Begin to explore the front (stomach-side) of the vaginal wall, about two-inches up from the vaginal opening, massaging the entire region. Feel for a rough, raised ridge.
  • Communicate with her.  Ask her for pointers, like whether you should rub the spot faster.
  • Stroke the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, as this could further bring the area to life.

Be consistent.

Regardless of the type of stimulation that’s taking place, e.g., giving a hand job, consistency is key. Be rhythmic and maintaining pressure in your movements. Whether a clitoris or penis, many lovers report that this type of attention will eventually lead to climax.

Engage in spontaneous communication.

These sorts of causal interactions with strangers, co-workers, and friend can have long-term results, possibly leading to romantic situations. Striking up an unexpected conversation with another person by simply making a comment or asking a question helps to create the social glue that ultimately forms deeper connections and relationships between individuals

Learn orgasm basics.

In reaching climax, you want your body to become more sensitive to stimulation, engaging in activities that can have you more piqued for and during sex play. So masturbate in getting a better sense of what turns you on. Explore different techniques for greater stimulation, whether that be testing new sex toys, reading steamy erotica or simply touching a new combination of hot spots. While there’s plenty to be learned about orgasm from books and other erotic or educational materials, you need to figure out what the orgasm basics are for you – mind, body and soul. 

Stimulate your mind.

Your brain is your biggest sex organ. The more you titillate it, the easier it is for the body to follow during foreplay and other forms of sexual intimacy. Sexual response doesn’t so much depend on what is being touched and how, so much as what’s going on between your ears!

Don't underestimate a male's desire for emotional intimacy.

Traditionally, gender roles have called for men to be sexually-oriented and for women to be love-oriented. Men are expected to seek out and engage in sexual activity, while women are to confine their sexual experiences to committed, loving relationships.  Men have been taught, through sociocultural norms and expectations, that short-term sexual liaisons are an important aspect of what it means to be masculine, while women have been told to limit themselves to long-term, socially approved relationships.

Ironically, despite such differences in socialization, both genders express romantic love with approximately the same kind of intensity. Studies consistently show that men can separate love and sex, (with gay men even more so), and are likelier to do so. Yet research has also found that men’s most erotic experiences take place within relationships. It is the emotional connection that makes sex significant.

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