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April Tips!

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April Tips!

Take the time to masturbate.

How can you let a partner know what turns you on if you don’t know yourself? Taking the time to self-pleasure gives you the perfect chance to get to know your body. So go ahead and find your erogenous zones. Experiment with different techniques and toys. Seduce yourself with different types of erotica, from books to pictures to fantasies, and find out what gets your motor going!

Be aware of factors affecting your arousal before a hot date.

Whether daily or monthly, there are factors that affect our sexual response cycle, including stress levels, fatigue, and hormonal fluctuations. In making sure that you’re maximizing your ability to get revved up before hooking up with a hottie, develop an awareness of not only what turns you on, but what can have you too pooped for passion play. This may involve avoiding deep fried foods over dinner or keeping alcoholic beverages to a minimum or not exercising regularly. Every person is different, so figure out what works with and against your libido. 

Consider what you're doing instead of your partner. 

People often complain that they don’t have enough time to wine and dine their partners. But, thanks to modern technology and social media, lovers are spending a lot of time tuning into everything but their partner. So be mindful about how much time you’re spending on Facebook or checking emails or sending texts to friends. Add up all of those minutes and you’ve surely got enough time for sex and seduction, perhaps even daily!

Try to embrace orgasm as a full body experience.  

One way to do this is to relax at the moment of orgasm. Breathe deeply and fully.  Channel the contractions in your pelvis as energy to the rest of your being. This is what will make it a full body orgasm. 

Don’t make climax your goal.

People tend to view orgasm as the ultimate goal of sex. And while a good orgasm is absolutely divine, it needs to be seen as a dimension of lovemaking – not the end all, be all. Seeing it as such takes the pressure off of lovers to reach the “Big O.” It also allows partners to enjoy the ride as much, if not more, than where they’ll end up!

Have an erogenous G spot? Help your lover activate it!

Finding the G spot is one of the hardest tasks that faces a person playing with a woman’s body, especially since this area isn’t always an erogenous zone for some. So make things easier on your lover by showing him or her exactly where it is and how to turn it on. Then kick things up a notch by doing half of the work. As your lover is stimulating your G spot, tighten your vagina around his or her fingers. This will engage more of the vaginal canal, allowing even more sensations to emanate from the entire area.

See yourself as energy.

Your sexuality is just one part of the energy you possess. Your pleasure lies within you.  Learn to contain your energy, relax into it, and expand it. Staying aware of your energy (both sexual and not) while maintaining relaxation allows you to slip into an altered state and to experience the mind-body experience of sexual intimacy in a totally different way.

Plan your summer getaway now!

With summer just weeks away, now is the time to figure out where you and your honey want to spend some quality time. Get better deals when it comes to airfare, hotel, or vacation packages. Have fun brainstorming all of your options and what turns you on, like luxuriating poolside, going camping, a date night in Paris, or a beach trip. The two of you will be titillated by what’s to come, allowing yourselves plenty of time to get turned on!

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