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The Top 5 Sex Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again. Motivated by the dawn of a new year – and with that, new beginnings as people establish their resolutions for the next 365 days. For many, plans for better sex and relationships are at the heart of their desires for self-improvement.

Stumped with what you should do for yourself in this ever-so-important area of your life? Here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions when it comes to sexual relationships… 

1. I will have more sex.

Longing for more loving, couples vow to make sex more of a priority. They take a carpe diem approach as they head into the New Year, determined to make things happen and more often at that. Initiation is the name of the game. People often strategize how they can be more primed for sex, whether it’s in the foods they eat, the amount of sleep and exercise they’re getting, or the way they’re flirting with their lover from afar via emails and texts.

2. I will try new things.

Whether it’s location, position, sex toys, forms of seduction, e-flirting, sexy photos, or racy lingerie, lovers set goals around foreplay and sexual activity, hoping that pursuing new interests will break routines, get their sex life out of a rut, or simply recharge the romance.

Complimenting this effort is the desire to have sex in new places. Whether taking to the great outdoors or doing it in every room of the house, no place will be overlooked as a possible place to lock loins. 

3. I will seduce more.

Piggybacking on the last point… wise lovers realize that you need to give in order to receive. They know that only you can change a situation for the better by doing what needs to be done. In the case of enhancing intimacy, this involves flirting, kissing, hugging, rubbing, or complimenting more and totally out of the blue. Few can resist being flattered and desired, so seek to make things happen by giving more of the same.

4. I will go beyond my "vanilla" ways.

Still inspired by the “50 Shades of Grey” craze, lovers are looking to get kinkier. This may involve watching porn, visiting a sex club of choice, acting out fantasies, trying bondage and discipline toys, talking dirty or taking a sex class, lovers with such resolutions hope to push their boundaries, and a lover’s, in the coming year, eager to enjoy more eroticism and in more varied, creative ways.

5. I will become more sex savvy.

A lot of the aforementioned involves becoming more sexually informed. Lovers interested in practicing Tantric sex, building stronger pelvic floor muscles, exploring male multi-orgasmic potential, or attempting female ejaculation, for example, plan to read sex guides in the coming year in better realizing their resolutions.

Becoming more sexually informed may also involve getting to know your own body better, spending more quality time masturbating, taking the time to show each other how you’re most easily stimulated and turned on, and communicating more effectively about sexual needs and desires.

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