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Reasons to Love Lube 2

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Likewise, a man’s pre-cum or emollient under the foreskin (for those uncircumcised) does not do the trick in maximizing pleasuring. So no matter what the body part, lube is essential for those looking to create more erotic sensation with less friction.

Then there are those forms of sexual pleasuring that practically demand lube for sexual enhancement. Solo or shared, a hand job is only made better when working his shaft becomes a slip’n’slide. In stimulating any erogenous zone on the body, from one’s nipple to perineum, using lube invites greater reactions and true sexual mastery. Finally, natural lubrication comes and goes during any one sexual exchange, making lube necessary in improving intimacy.


Misconception: Only the elderly use lube.

With the time it takes to become aroused slower in our later years, lube is often recommended as a way to invite more response. Seniors like that using lube helps them to relax and become more aroused while saving time and avoiding frustrations faced otherwise. Yet, lube is not a pleasure to be enjoyed once you’re past a certain age, as many younger lovers have learned.

With sex in the media more than ever, and sexual pleasuring of prime importance to many, the benefits of lube are being hailed more than ever. Instead of being the exception to the rule, adding some lube to the action has become quite the gold standard for a number of people of all ages, as reflected with lubricant sales over $150 million (excluding Wal-mart) in the last year.


Misconception: Lube is only meant for safer sex.

Hands down, wetter is better for protection users, lest they face the risk of their rubber breaking otherwise. But that’s not to say that it’s only meant for those times sexual pursuits involve protection.

Sometimes, a little bit of assistance is required; other times, it’s desired – safer sex or not. In fact, recent research conducted at Indiana University found that sex involving lubricant was associated with more pleasurable and satisfying intercourse – and masturbation – than sex without lube. Kind of makes the matter of using lube a bit of a no brainer, eh?

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