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Reasons to Love Lube

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Slick, smooth, and scintillating tends to be the sort of sex many people long for. Yet the use of lube in making that happen is often stigmatized. Unaware of the plethora of benefits lube stands to offer their passion pursuits, lovers are largely misinformed by popular misconceptions about this sexual enhancement. A number don’t realize that using lube sets the stage for some of the best sex around, allowing for more effective stimulation, inviting more orgasms, and enabling lovers to last for the long-haul.

So what are some of the fallacies preventing them from reaching sexual ecstasy as it's never been known before? Astroglide tackles some of the major ones below...


Misconception: Using lube means one of us isn't sexually excited.

Making lubricant a part of your sexual repertoire does not mean, by any means, that you or your partner isn't turned on enough, or that you're having trouble working each other into a sexual frenzy. In cases where there is a lack of natural lubricant, this should not be taken as an indicator of one's arousal level.

For women, in particular, occasional vaginal dryness - those times when she doesn’t produce enough lubrication - is a natural, normal occurrence throughout her life cycle. Such can happen for a number of reasons, like the use of medications (e.g., antihistamines), breastfeeding, menopause, where she’s at in her menstrual cycle, alcohol consumption, or emotional factors.

Regardless of if it’s needed or not, as many users will tell you, incorporating lube into sex play simply makes for better sex, increasing pleasure, decreasing any pain and discomfort, and making penetration all the more delicious.


Misconception: Lube ruins the mood.

Yes, lube takes a few seconds to apply, but instead of seeing this as a "time out," see this part of foreplay as titillation. You're building the excitement. You're being a bit of a tease. You're making your lover putty in your hands. You're setting the stage for something mindblowing.

Make no doubt about it, taking the time to use lubes allows lovers to take their time in enjoying the sex they're having overall. Instead of rushing to the end of the show, they can relish their performance. In many cases, the lube used allows for a grander finale when it does "come."


Misconception: Lube use during sex is unnatural.

Men and women both produce their own natural lubrication. Yet, for a number of reasons, it’s often not enough for comfortable sex or for long-lasting lovemaking, e.g., Tantric sex sessions. While a woman’s vaginal opening secretes wetness, her vulva, including her crown jewel, the clitoris, does not self-lubricate.

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