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5 Reasons Why People Love Sexual Enhancements

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Lubricants. Lotions. Cock rings. Dildos. Butt plugs. Edible underwear. Ben wa balls. Erotica/porn. Strap ons. When it comes to sexual enhancements, you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from. Vibrators alone come in thousands of different models and makes, with every manufacturer promising better, hotter sex. And lovers, on the whole, tend to agree.

Sex toys and enhancers have been around since prehistoric times. Driven to improve the quality of sex, lovers have enjoyed experimenting with and using all sorts of  “extras” in the bedroom and beyond. Main reasons include the fact that: 

They invite greater sexual response.
Many lovers get over any intimidation they have over being “out performed” by a sex toy once they witness how much pleasure it can unleash. Whether maximizing their ability to peak individually or simultaneously during a sex session, many lovers feel that a sex toy can get them revved faster and/or more effortlessly. They also hold that sexually peaking and/or climaxing is a more powerful experience, thanks to enhancers enabling them to push all of the right buttons. 

They help to ignite and/or maintain passion.
Toys can help jumpstart, improve or restore a couple’s sex life. So-so sex can suddenly become golden with the use of an enhancer. Experimenting together can break routine, making lovers feeling more bonded and adventuresome. Even if a toy doesn’t prove to be that great, couples feel more united in having given things a shot, especially if their attitude is simply to have fun trying. Enhancements can have couples looking forward to sex, keeping their interest piqued.

They can boast your skills.
Better sex books and popular press articles are packed with tips, techniques and maneuvers that often prove to be a challenge for lovers. Toys can make certain positions, styles of stimulation and length of maintaining efforts more possible. No matter what lovers set out to accomplish, enhancers can make both feel amazing. The partner delivering stimulation can do so more effortlessly and skillfully. The one being pleasured can bask in greater sensations. Both can come away feeling more confident and sex savvier.

They allow you to maintain peak performance. 
As people get older, sexual response and/or performance may not be what it used to be. That’s not to say, however, that the quality of sex isn’t just as good, especially if sexual enhancements are being incorporated. Some enhancers, like Astroglide Personal Lubricant, can help lovers to react more readily. Others can keep couples sexually active, and for longer versus shorter periods of time.

They make self-pleasuring even sweeter.
Almost anybody who has added a sexual enhancement to solo sex play will tell you that it added a little something extra – or a lot. A number of women, for example, will report their first orgasm or multi-orgasmic experience in using a vibrator during self-pleasuring. Masturbating gives lovers the perfect private space to discover their likes and dislikes, including learning which enhancements are a greater turn on than not. It becomes very valuable information when sharing your needs, wants and desires with a partner, especially if you’re sex toy shopping!

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