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Heighten the Romance Tips

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Deliver More than a Slip of the Tongue.

The next time you’re making out with your partner, whisper wanton words of wanting. Whether sexy, poetic, sultry or x-rated, express your desires, how hot you are for your lover, how much you love this very moment, how much you can’t wait to have more… Make the moment “ear”-otic!

Initiate more sex.

 Just like with anything else, it’s hard to makethings happen unless you make them a priority. So surprise your partner and be good to yourself by pursuing sex on a more regular basis. In getting more action, you’ll want more action, since sex fuels testosterone levels in both men and women, causing both sexes to experience increased desire for more sex!

Relish in “after play”

No matter what the sexual experience and response, make sure that you nurture your emotional, spiritual bond. Spend post-love making in tender conversation, letting go of all inhibitions. While still petting and embracing, tell each other what you liked, what felt good about your partner, or an unexpected joy.

Have truly steamy shower sex.

Run the shower on its hottest possible setting for about 5 minutes, making the bathroom as steamy as possible. This will help to relax stiff muscles, loosening you up for intimacy, while getting the blood flow going. Before turning off the water, place a couple of towels on the floor of the bathtub or shower. If you’re the receiving partner for this romp, step in the tub or shower and bend over, putting your hands against a support, like the wall, for balance. Then have your lover enter you from behind, and enjoy a true tropical jungle ride!

Test the waters in talking dirty.

Ask your partner what turns him or her on - what kind of triple-X talk does s/he find super sexy? If s/he is shy or clueless, start by describing the action, laying on descriptors - juicy adjectives. Talk about how turned on you're getting; remember, the more you get into the dirty details the better. Just try to avoid jargon that can be a turn off. Too, don't say anything degrading unless the two of you have negotiated that it's cool to talk that way to each other during certain types of sex.

Take on the television!

Tired of your lover paying more attention to the TV than you? Put on strip show. This nice diversion will remind partners of what they’re missing – and what you’re missing in sporting only a G-string, Speedos or nothing at all. As your flirt, strut, and play away, tease your lover with touches, kisses, and rubs, with a nice lap dance acting as the start, and not the finale, of your final performance!


Plan some fun date ideas.

Even when couples manage to create together time, they can get into a same ol’, same ol’ routine with how they’re spending that time together. Investigate what your local area has to offer in planning your next date, like a local winery or brewery, zoo, camping grounds, new art museum exhibit, bowling alley, state park with bike rental, fruit picking orchard... Novel activities will have a domino effect in impacting your boudoir activities as well!

"How are you?"

Aside from "I love you," these 3 words may, perhaps, be the most important to utter in a relationship. Asking how your day was, inquiring about the details, and basically learning about each other’s lives will strengthen your relationship and help both of you to feel closer. Such sharing also bolsters a couple’s sense of security, which can have a ripple effect in the bedroom.

Win your partner over with words.

Shower your lover with compliments, use “you” to make the effort even more effective. For example, instead of saying, “That feels wonderful”, say “You make me feel wonderful.” That has a totally different impact, doesn’t it?

Seal moments with a kiss.

Start your day and every hello from now on with a kiss. Say your good-byes with one as well. Kisses are an easy way to show affection and tenderness, and they go a long way in keeping couples connected between opportunities for sexual intimacy.


Don’t settle for so-so sex.

Just because you value the friendship and intimacy you have with your lover, you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre sex. This is especially important to remember considering that being “in love” doesn’t guarantee super sex. Sometimes, hot sex requires some effort. If you find yourself falling back on the comfort companionship provides instead of working towards amazing amour-making, challenge yourself to go for what you want out of a sexual relationship. Get your partner on board as to whether or not this relationship has the potential to give you two just that. You never know unless you try!

Don’t make climax your goal.

People tend to view orgasm as the ultimate goal of sex. And while a good orgasm is absolutely divine, it needs to be seen as a dimension of lovemaking – not the end all, be all. Seeing it as such takes the pressure off of lovers to reach the “Big O.” It also allows partners to enjoy the ride as much, if not more, than where they’ll end up!

Don't Forget to sign off properly.

With people fielding a slew of texts, emails and phone calls daily, the trend has been to be short, but not necessarily sweet. While you can get away with being curt to a number of business and casual contacts, you should be mindful of being courteous to your lover. 

 Part of this is not only greeting your special someone with something that makes them feel special – like “Hi Sweetie,” or “Hey Babe” – but ending a conversation with something nice too. Simply saying “xoxo” or “Love!” or Luv u!” indicates a lot of positive things to your lover, stirring feelings of longing and providing reassurances that can only do good.

Don’t forget the “I love you’s!”

It’s not uncommon for expressions of affection to go to the wayside. Lovers can take each other for granted, or just assume that feelings declared long ago are still well known, or they think uttering sweet things can wait for Valentine’s Day. In cultivating a deeper relationship and a hotter sex life, don’t forget to utter the three simple words of “I LOVE YOU!!” Saying them on a regular basis does more good than most people ever know.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Nearly everyone has sexual insecurities at one time or another. If you feel like yours have become hang-ups, talk to your partner about any concerns you have. Good relationships allow lovers to talk about any weaknesses or flaws that people feel that they have. This enables both of you to work through the issue and builds trust. With revealing one’s vulnerabilities sweet and brave, there’s something very endearing in “going there,” and it’s sure to make for more sensual lovemaking in the near future and long run.

Avoid doing mundane tasks together.

Shopping, dusting, emptying the dishwasher… sure, it makes life a lot easier to do chores with a bit of help, but consider a divide and conquer approach. Doing chores together may not only stagnate your energy, but keep you from spending quality time together, whether that be snuggling, giving the other a massage, or having sex.

Close the door when using the bathroom.

Nothing can kill seeing your lover as a hot sex object more than when s/he is on the loo – at least when this happens on a regular basis. So try to keep toilet time private and leave some bodily functions and care to the imagination. This will help your lover to continue to see you as the god or goddess that you are. 

Never go to bed angry.

 According to an Ohio State University study, couples who report having more conflict and quarrels on a regular basis have lower levels of an important healing protein at the site of wounds, and more of that protein coursing through their bloodstream right after an argument, which can be harmful to their health. These couples were also at higher risk for depression and age-related illnesses, like heart disease and arthritis. So it’s in your best interest to kiss and make up!

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