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What to Do When "It" is Too Big

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My Boyfriend is quite large and it is painful to me during sex. Oil-based lubemade it worse. What will help us?

Dear Alma,

It’s best to stay away from oil-based lubes, as these can irritate delicate tissues. They’re not recommended for vaginal use. That said, a gal’s best bet in handling a big penis during vaginal intercourse is to make sure she’s fully turned on. The two of you need to engage in plenty of foreplay, giving your body at least 20 minutes to become aroused. This allows the vaginal canal to lengthen, giving a longer penis more room (otherwise, it can bang up against the cervix, causing pain). If you’re not lubricating well or want things wetter, use a lube, as this will make any width issues more comfortable. Finally, practice Kegel exercises, as toning your vaginal muscles will give you more control over the situation.

Good luck!
Dr. Yvonne

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