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Pain and Dryness

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Hello my name is Trina. I’m always dry and it hurts every time my boyfriend and I have sex. I’ve
always thought this had something to do with me being a plus size girl. What do you recommend I do to overcome this situation?

Dear Trina,

Dyspareunia, the experience of sudden cramping, burning sensations, discomfort and sharp pains during sex, is a painful condition that can occur in men or women for a number of reasons. It has nothing to do with a female’s size, and could be due to vaginal dryness, and/or other causes such as that the thrusting is too fast-paced, or because you being in an awkward position makes for uncomfortable penetration, or you have a urinary tract infection, an STD, or another condition. In getting to the bottom of the cause, be sure to get checked out by your gynecologist. He or she will not only examine you for any medical problems, but may inquire about any products you use, like feminine hygiene products, contraceptives, or clothing that could be contributing to the pain.

A great starting point for dealing with the vaginal dryness is to use lubricant during sex play, making sure to engage in at least 20 minutes of foreplay in order to maximize sexual arousal. With increased sexual excitement, you may experience more natural lubrication, plus give your vaginal canal time to elongate comfortably to accommodate his penis (as pain is sometimes caused by the tip of the penis banging up against the cervix).

Good luck!
Dr. Yvonne
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