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Desensitized Penis

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When my wife and I use a lubricant, it seems to desensitize my penis. I know that's not necessarily
a bad thing, but at 60-years-old I already have a hard time climaxing even though erections are fine. Are there lubricants that can make me more sensitive as opposed to less sensitive? Thank you.


Dear Mark,

Some men feel that lube use results in a desensitization of the penis. This is often due to the type of lube being used, e.g., some with more experience when using silicone-based lube (vs. water-based lube). The best way to handle this situation is to try a variety of lubes, including different brands, as, that way, you’re sure to find the formula that is best and most pleasing for you.

All the best!
Dr. Yvonne

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