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Delay Ejaculation?

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I want to know if there are any gels or creams available in the market that a man can apply on their organ/penis in order to delay ejaculation and/or increase their intercourse time with no side effects.


Dear Asif,

There are a number of numbing agents on the market, including condoms with numbing agents inside of them, that you could try. Many of these products can, however, be problematic in that the principle component, typically lidocaine, is a numbing agent. This means that the male loses sensation in his attempt to last longer, which ends up compromisin sexual satisfaction in other ways. The cream, gel or spray can also rub off on his partner, numbing that person as well. The time taken to use the product (including putting on any condom) can also cause some men to lose their erection altogether, defeating the purpose of their pleasure seeking pursuits.

As far as product recommendations, it would be best to talk to your doctor, as different experts have different opinions and warnings about what's effective and safe and not. A man's ability to last longer is often based on his level of sexual awareness, and his ability to engage his pelvic floor muscles. Both of these matters can be dealt with in consulting a sex coach or counselor - no creams, gels or sprays required. If there are larger issues at play that are preventing a man from lasting longer, and/or if he's consumed with negative feelings when intimate, like anxiety, worry, guilt, stress, impatience, doubt, shame..., then these issues are best tackled with a certified sex therapist (to find one in your area, consult

In using these creams/gels/sprays, you likely won't be addressing any physiological or emotional/psychological issues at hand. Using these products can also have a guy cumming faster when he doesn't apply them, thus making him more dependent on the product. In learning more about your arousal system and how to control it better, consult books like Mantak Chia's "The Multi-Orgasmic Male" in getting started.

Thank you for your question and good luck!
Dr. Yvonne

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