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Casual Sexual Encounters

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Hi Yvonne,
For more casual encounters, what kinds of questions should I as prospective bed-mates for basic safety before shacking up without turning them off?
Dear Jason,

The two most important questions when it comes to sexual health are:
1. Have you been tested for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS?
2. Do you consistently practice safer sex?

In asking these questions, let your potential partner know that, while you enjoy getting frisky, you feel that it’s important to look after each other. When delivered in the right away, a responsible lover can be seen as sexy in being so empowered and willing to take care of him/herself and others. There’s something reassuring about an individual who is not going to take any risks. Of course, it helps to have a condom handy, in showing that you practice what you preach.

Thank you for your question and good luck!

Dr. Yvonne

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