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Burning After Ejaculation

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My fiancé has been experiencing a terrible burning sensation in her vagina almost every time I've ejaculated in her vagina, and it has gotten to the point of her not wanting to have sex anymore.  This situation has never occurred during our first few years of having intercourse. We did have anal sex once about four years ago. I wonder if the anal sex might have caused some sort of bug or infection, however, I'm unsure of the overall timing in relation to the current problem. I have conducted some research on the internet and apparently, this problem is not uncommon. My fiancé and I went to a doctor about three years ago and he said that it was due to a lack of lubrication, but I think there is more to it than that. Personally, I don't think this problem is due to a lack of lubrication. I actually don't think most doctors know how to help with this situation. What advice would you be able to offer?


Dear Peter,

We can’t make diagnoses here at Astroglide, so your fiancée is best off going to a different gynecologist for a second opinion. Her visit should include a thorough examination, which involves getting checked out for any bacterial infections, including a possible yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and any STDs. If nothing is found, then the two of you should talk to the doctor about lack of lubrication as a possible problem and remedies for dealing with such. Naturally, a lubricant like Astroglide’s personal lubricants, can help with any wetness issues, but your fiancée may have issues contributing to vaginal dryness that lube cannot fix.

Amongst other possible reasons for the burning that should be discussed with your doctor is semen allergy. Your fiancée may be having a reaction to a particular protein in your semen, the onset of which can begin at any time in a sexual relationship. Burning is among the symptoms of a semen allergy. If your fiancée does not experience the burning during intercourse with a condom (preferably polyurethane, to rule out any reactions to latex), then you may have found the culprit.

Best of luck in your efforts!

Dr. Yvonne

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