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Anal Bleeding

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My boyfriend inserted his finger into my anus during sex today and while it didn’t hurt me, there was 
a little bit of spotting blood afterwards. Is this normal and how long should I wait to do that again?

Hi Josie,

The blood could be an indicator that the finger action caused a cut or tear. This may have been caused by a lack of lubricant (the anal cavity doesn’t lubricate the way the vagina does during sexual arousal); your boyfriend having a long or rough nails or a hangnail; or too much too soon as far as the finger penetration goes (like other hot spots, the anus/anal opening needs to be warmed up effectively first).

Give yourselves at least a few days for healing, as you would with other cuts on the body. To prevent future trauma to the anal canal, consider using lube and a latex glove during fingering, being sure to stuff the tips with cotton balls. If you’re worried that this bleeding could be a sign that there’s something else going on, e.g., an STD (like gonorrhea), or notice more blood, e.g., bright blood follows your stools during a bowel movement (indicating possible hemorrhoids), then get checked out by a physician before any further fooling around.

All the best!
Dr. Yvonne
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