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Mating Rituals

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Astroglide Presents Mating Rituals for the Animal and Human Kingdoms

 Newlyweds Can Use these Tactics to Get in the Mood for Fun

Vista, CA – July 3, 2013
– Many species on our planet use certain tactics to grab the potential interest of a mate. Whether it’s preening, building a nest, or strutting on the dance floor, both humans and animals share similar traits when it comes to performing rituals. For newlyweds, the impulse for courtship should still be very strong so the mating ritual might need to only be a suggestive glance in order to get things rolling.

Astroglide presents a look at some of the more notable mating rituals of the animal kingdom and some modern-day mating routines that people engage in every day.

Animal kingdom mating rituals:

  • The peacock displays his giant array of beautiful feathers and dances about to gain a peahens affection.
  • Male lynx spiders prepare tasty vittles for potential mates and then ties them up with silk threads to prepare for mating.
  • Size does matter?! The female Galapagos tortoise will review potential mates by looking at the length of their elongated necks and will typically pick the one with the longest.
  • Bonobos are advanced primates whose “bedroom” antics make them seem like they read the Kama Sutra and pursue these activities as a form of tension relief.
  • Use gifts to attract mates like the Adele penguin. Male penguins will bring a carefully selected stone to their mates in order to spark penguin love. Many penguin species one mate for life.
  • Baboons live in promiscuous groups and females that want some action will simply wave their derrieres in the air to attract some attention. This is why their rumps are often colored red so they can draw even more attention to their desire to mate! Males are also attracted to the baboons with the most “junk in the trunk.”

Astroglide’s tips on choosing your own rituals:

  • Men often engage in forms of “puffery” just like a peacock. When they want to signal to their new bride, they might stick out their chests and assume a certain gait. They might also look to their wardrobe to show a little extra flash of color or a special outfit that signals they are confident and looking for frisky time.
  • While we certainly don’t advocate Newlyweds should be following the lynx spider’s tactics exactly, a little bit of role playing and gentle tie up can be a great way to get the mood going. Preparing a great meal together can be an aphrodisiac – so follow the spider and present an enticing meal. Bring out the and you’ve just served dessert.
  • Humans have used gifts as part of the mating ritual for centuries. Just like the penguins, many men look for the perfect shiny stone for their potential partner! Small gestures such as finding your love a new book can also initiate those romantic and arousing feelings.
  • Couples on a club dance floor often engage in some risqué “grinding” behavior that is not too far off from primate ancestors. While it may not be sexy to think of baboons engaged in a mating display, human sexual interaction does work on a primal level and many men are also attracted to partners with full-figured cabooses.

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